Third Sector.

Some examples of work we have done.

Charities Voluntary and Community Interest Companies

We have for a long time been involved with what has become known as the third sector, this includes charities, not for profit organisations and voluntary groups, and local community centres. We also provide integration of head and branch offices with cloud resources through a private network for larger regional and national organasations. We apply the same level of professional support as we do to better funded private companies. One example is that we assist with locating specific charitable donations from vendors, in terms of software and reduced prices for hardware.


An early referral from the probation service provided our first work in the voluntary sector. In all we have provided services for three regional councils for voluntary services. Initially we tried to get the organisations to network their computers as we had done with our other clients, this met resistance and we were clearly too early. However this early experience gave as an understanding of the culture and work undertaken. We currently support the Manchester Community Central which organises volunteering in Greater Manchester.

We have also been involved promoting free and open software which is produced by voluntary coding groups.


For many years now we have supported the IT of health care work, this includes four government sponsored patient and public involvement forums, an African aids helpline, Sexual health awareness projects and a charity that supports the healthcare needs of ethnic and minority groups.


Without the assistance of the enterprise allowance scheme we would not have been able to start trading 30 years ago. This was a time of some unrest and the Scarman report resulted in a national charity with 12 regional offices, we provided support nationwide support and installed a private network with a shared “cloud” resource allowing files and email access. We support one organisation which provides advice to startup, and affordable incubator office space. In addition we have designed and run IT courses for business startups and unemployed technicians.


When all the community care groups in Manchester formed a central support structure they needed, a complete overhaul with network cabling modern PCs, laptops file and mail servers and modern integrated phone system all using solid state discs. This we designed installed and support.


We support three local community centres these all have admin office, and an IT suite for training. we have ensured that they and the other charities we deal with get software as a charitable donation from the major vendors such as Microsoft.

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