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Investor Relations

Scott Kerr

"Continued growth in our high-margin HCM and Trainingportal software business increased the share of recurring revenue and lifted gross margins throughout 2020.

However, we have seen lower demand than expected for our eLearning courses, particularly in our legacy business in the energy industry in the North Sea. The resurgence of Covid-19 and the travel and work restrictions put a damper on demand for both eLearning and consulting in the fourth quarter, and especially in December.

We believe this demand is delayed and not lost. We deliver courses that build required safety and compliance competencies for our customers’ workforces, and we are confident that the usage of our eLearning courses will pick up as our customers return to a more normal operating mode. We have maintained a strong market position and continued to see high win rates remain among those customers who made purchasing decisions in 2020. We did not see any customer churn for either software or eLearning in 2020, and believe we are ideally placed for a post-Covid business environment." Q4 2020 Report

Scott Kerr / CEO / Mintra

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Scott Kerr

Scott Kerr

CEO / Mintra

+47 992 83 890

Ian Mackie

CFO / Mintra

+44 1224 651340

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