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Mintra recognised as a core leader in digital learning in transformational year for the sector

05 / 03 / 2021

Mintra has been identified as a leader in its field in an independent industry benchmarking report. The rating in the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning 2021 sees Mintra named as a Core Leader within the sector – increasing the ranking of Strong Performer that it achieved last year.

The report – an evaluation tool for HR professionals – demonstrates how Mintra compares to its industry peers in the UK and Europe across performance, potential, market presence, the total cost of ownership, and future trajectories across the market.

In addition to strengthening its overall rating, the grid has promoted Mintra, which has strong links to energy, maritime and other safety-critical industries, to a higher presence company while maintaining a mid-total cost of ownership. Grid ranking is made following a rigorous assessment process, during which Fosway also talk directly to customers about their experience.

Kevin Short, the chief commercial officer of Mintra, said: “In what has been a stand-out year for digital learning – the Covid-19 pandemic completely transforming the way that people learn – we are delighted to have improved our ranking in the Fosway 9-Grid™.

Digital Learning

“During the assessment process, we were able to highlight a broad spectrum of skills and activities, demonstrate our growth and efficient model, and underline our understanding of the role digital learning has to play in developing talented people.

“The pandemic has greatly accelerated the shift towards digital learning. For most, it is no longer something that is desirable or aspirational, it is critical. It is therefore incredibly satisfying that our performance during this fast-paced period of transformation has resulted in Mintra being elevated to a Core Performer ranking.”

Mintra has specialist in-house learning and development teams that create engaging training using a range of animation, interactivity, and gamification methods. The focus is on learning as opposed to teaching: each course is designed so that learners do not simply memorise knowledge in order to pass assessment but acquire knowledge and the ability to comprehend and apply it.