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OCS HR – A Global Enterprise Needs a Global Solution

08 / 06 / 2017

"Mintra's OCS HR is an important management tool for us," said Oddbjørn Rønningen Lange, senior crewing manager at Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi (KGJS).

Together with one other colleague, he is responsible for managing the crew on the company’s fleet of approximately 45 vessels trafficking waters around the world.

Mr Rønningen Lange has been with KGJS since 1997, and was involved in the procurement and early implementation of OCS HR.

We are very pleased with Mintra’s solution and support. It provides us with a predictability, user-friendliness and reliability which we need to maintain our daily operations. "

Rønningen Lange

A global solution for a global enterprise

"With about 1,600 sailors and 200 employees onshore globally, we depend on a centralized, effective and seamless HR solution. We set high standards for our ships, crew and the supplier services we retain. We found that in OCS HR back in 1999, and have been using it ever since," he said.

When KGJS opted for OCS HR, they were a large client using a small provider. Since then, Mintra and its OCS HR solution has grown.

Mr Rønningen Lange explains that KGJS was and still is a customer which demands a lot from their contractors.

He explained: "We had a number of very particular needs, and had them tailor solutions for us which we still use today. OCS HR is a solution which helps us to be competitive in our market, and we have over the years expanded our solution with different modules for competence management, courses and administration."

Norwegian Maritime Powerhouse: KGJS

Founded by Kristian Gerhard Jebsen in 1967, then managing only two coastal cement vessels, the company has grown steadily into other areas of shipping. Today, KGJS is one of Norway’s largest ship-owning companies and an international maritime player.

KGJS has shore offices in Bergen, Manila and Singapore plus affiliations in Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Russia and India. The company maintains its heritage as a Norwegian, family-owned enterprise, and is today controlled by one of Kristian Gerhard Jebsen’s sons, Hans Peter Jebsen, with family.

Its international footprint, makes it essential for KGJS to have a system which is centralised and real-time.

Present & Future: Our Strategy

For KGJS and Oddbjørn Rønningen Lange, OSC HR is more than just a HR solution. It is effectively a management tool to ensure that the company is always on top of the situation, and even one step ahead, when it comes to managing their key asset: competency.

Mr Rønningen Lange explains: "This means we can control our crew’s competence and our crew rotation efficiently, continuously and ontime. We are able to maintain flow of data between our ships and onshore offices and manage payroll for our crew in accordance with each nation’s tax regime. And very importantly, it enables us to plan for additional certification and training of our staff to make sure we meet the competency demands of the future.

Managing competence

"Mintra’s OCS HR solution is important not only on an operational, but also on a management level.

"With OCS HR we have a solution that enables us to keep track of all relevant data on our crew, both competences and location. In our sector, it is business critical that we know that we have the right competence in the right place at the right time – and plan ahead to ensure that we meet the demands of our times, our clients and the legislation we operate under, no matter what."

A long-term relationship

Working together for nearly two decades, KGJS and Mintra have managed to grow their relationship into more than just a client-customer relation. Partnership is more the term Mr Rønningen Lange uses.

"We are very pleased with Mintra’s solution and support. It provides us with a predictability, user-friendliness and reliability which we need to maintain our daily operations. Since we started off as a large client of a small company, Mintra has over the years provided us with solid support and cooperation, developed and tailored solutions for us and we have been part of pilot projects. It is my hope that this cooperation will continue into the future", he added.