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CEO Kevin Short discusses future outlook on FA TV

16 / 11 / 2021

Following the announcement and presentation of Mintra’s third-quarter 2021 results, CEO Kevin Short appeared on FA TV to discuss the future outlook for the company.

Mr Short outlined the company’s position at the cross-section of four megatrends – education, regulation, digitisation and sustainability – which in future will undergo more widespread adoption by clients in Mintra’s core market of safety-critical industries.

Discussing the results, which showed revenue of NOK 57.7 million – an increase of 17.3% compared to the same quarter in 2020 – Mr Short said the company had been impacted by a reduction in crew rotations, but there were positive signals of clients returning to more normal levels of operation.

“As we got into the summer, we could see that the bounce-back that we all thought would happen, didn’t happen. Our business is determined by manpower, so we need people at work to consume our products. For us, it was a delay rather than losing anything.

“Already as we look at Q4 we are seeing little seeds of optimism as people are returning. Our Q3 results demonstrate for us that we are a very stable company with good revenue development and good EBITDA,” said Mr Short.

He added: “Our focus is primarily on what we do, and we continue to push into the areas where we know we will be successful. We are very happy with our company; we see a great future and we are committed to the growth initiatives that we have talked to.”

The full interview can be viewed here.