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We Never Compromise on Quality or Safety

19 / 03 / 2017

"By working smarter and using software that saves both time and money, we have managed to increase efficiency in competency and training management, learning and HR services without compromising on quality."

Vegar Bekken is competency advisor in Teekay Offshore Production. He has intimate knowledge of the challenges of managing an HR and competency operation for one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies.

Teekay Offshore: Global Operations

Originally three Norwegian companies, two shipping companies and one offshore contractor, Teekay Offshore is now Canadian-owned with operations all over the world. Mr Bekken is part of Teekay Offshore Production based in Trondheim, while Teekay Offshore Logistics is located in Stavanger.

He explained: "One consequence of globalisation is that most things can be done at a lower cost somewhere else. And as a global enterprise we have an obligation to our owners, shareholders and employees to do things at a minimum cost. By using Mintra's Trainingportal and OCS HR solutions, and having the two platforms working together, we have been able to optimise eLearning and competency and training management, cut costs and automate several tasks without compromising on quality."

Vegar Bekken Case Study Header

By leveraging software for efficiency, Teekay Offshore Production has optimized training management, cut costs, and automated tasks. "

Vegar Bekken, Competency advisor in Teekay Offshore Production.

Integration and automation

Mr Bekken has been an OCS HR user since 2000. Years later, after getting to know Mintra through the campaign Cooperation for Safety (Samarbeid For Sikkerhet) on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Teekay started looking for a platform where all eLearning courses could be located. "The solution we ended up with was Trainingportal. The combination of generic 'off the shelf' courses and tailored training that we developed in cooperation with Mintra, together with other suppliers’ eLearning published through Trainingportal, represented a much better way of organising our competency and training work. Mintra understands our challenges and the industries we operate in. That is important if you want to be something more than a supplier," he said.

Teekay has also made use of the Publisher-module, giving users an opportunity to develop and publish their own e-learning content.

Mr Bekken added: "To make the solution even more aligned with our needs, we have been working with both OCS HR and Traningportal to see how we can further develop the integration between the two.

"Today, all booking in Trainingportal is done through OCS HR. Teekay Offshore Production has chosen to use the competency and training management functionality located in the OCS HR, using data from Trainingportal. All completed training, as well as a competency status, is reported every 24 hours. It is easier than before to make sure Teekay and our employees are compliant with both customer requirements and government regulations."