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Maritime Training Courses

With our maritime heritage spanning three decades, we've developed a deep understanding of the complexities of global shipping operations.

We appreciate the daily logistical challenges and administrative burdens, but more than anything we understand that properly trained, competent crews equate to safe shipping.

Mintra has created training and competency solutions with maritime in mind. We bring together the very best in accredited maritime-specific training with unique technology that allows crews to undertake training no matter where they are in the world – onshore in the office or onboard in the ocean.

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Mintra has been a partner of the maritime industry for over 30 years. We specialise in helping operators ensure compliance and competence within their workforce and supporting HR and crewing managers to perform their roles. "

Jorunn Eldøy, Sales Director – Maritime
Jorunn Eldøy

Our extensive maritime course library

Mintra's award-winning elearning library comprises 227 titles covering a wide range of safety, regulatory, operational and technical subjects, broken down into rank and job role from deck officers to galley staff. Selected courses are DNV-ST-008 Learning Programme certified and STCW-accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The library also includes a number of soft skills, such as leadership, negotiating and time management, which is growing in demand given the maritime industry’s move towards smaller crews and increased automation of operations.

The maritime-specific content is just a small section of the elearning offered by Mintra. We provide over 2,600 compliance-based courses with accreditations from organisations including STCW, OPITO, CPD, ECITB and RoSPA.

NMA (Norwegian Maritime Authority) STCW approved training

Mintra is approved as an educational and training institution with a maritime education by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), in accordance with section 14 of the regulations of 22 December. STCW (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers as amended, including the 1995 and 2010 Manila Amendments) is a key IMO Convention.

The eLearning is the first of two stages to achieving the STCW certificate. A signed agreement is required by the shipowner before the on board exercises can take place for decentralised training with Mintra. This is emailed to to confirm the training programme.

The second stage is carried out on board the vessel and requires an Evaluator and the completion of exercises and a checklist. An Evaluator can be the vessel Captain, a qualified assessor, the Master / Chief Engineer, or Rig Manager.

Once the on board checklist is signed and completed it is emailed with the supporting documentation to for review. The STCW certificate is awarded by Mintra on approval of the checklist and elearning certificate with a 70% pass mark.

DNV-ST-008 certified training

Mintra has a number of courses certified to the DNV-ST-008 Learning Programme standard. These include:

The standard intends to ensure that training courses certified in accordance with this standard are properly designed, meet applicable requirements regarding contents, contain clear objectives for results, are delivered by qualified trainers and are assessed and improved in line with market demands and experience.

The Mintra quality management system has also been certified as complying with the DNV standard for Maritime Training Providers (DNV-ST-0029). This demonstrates strong training design delivery processes. The audit and certification process verified that we consistently analyse and adhere to applicable mandatory regulations, supporting our legal compliance.

ECDIS Type-specific courses

The type-specific training course provides trainees with the knowledge required to safely operate a specific ECDIS for watchkeeping in accordance with the regulations of STCW and ISM. Due to its online accessibility the course can be done from any computer at any time. The officer can work directly on the live EDCIS using the full range of functions and controls.

Experts in Maritime eLearning

Mintra’s training courses represent a partnership between our instructional designers and developers and a range of subject matter experts, each of whom is hand-selected based on their extensive pool of knowledge and decades of direct industry experience.

Mintra has specialist content development teams with decades of experience in creating digital learning. Our skilled instructional designers use their specialist knowledge and adult education to create compelling content for the maritime industry.

We believe that people are the heart of every organisation. That’s why we don’t create courses that simply tick boxes: we create content to engage, challenge, change behaviours and drive performance.

We’ve moved away from the chalk-and-talk approach where a teacher would stand at the front of the class and hand out written notes, and eLearning is now the approach for many. "

Martyn Thomas, Subject Matter Expert
Martyn Thomas Mono

Maritime Learning Management System

Mintra’s learning and competence management system, Trainingportal, delivers our portfolio of over 2,300 courses to more than 1.5 million workers worldwide. Every 30 seconds a course is completed on Trainingportal.

Offline technology

In order to ensure seafarers have access to training anytime, anywhere, Mintra has developed an offline version of its learning and competency management system, Trainingportal. This technology ensures that training and competency activities can continue on board vessels in locations with poor connectivity.

Installation, which takes just 10 minutes per vessel, is performed remotely. It works by syncing data with the main shore-based Trainingportal when it comes into areas of connectivity, passing updates and notifications between the two solutions automatically.

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‘As soon as the offline version was delivered, the benefits were clear. Employees were carrying out training at any point in time instead of having to wait for a period of connectivity – this, in turn, meant they could use their time onboard more efficiently.’ "

Arnoud van de Wiel, Training & Development Manager / Stolt Tankers
Arnoud van de Wiel

Trainingportal Offline has been revolutionary in the maritime sector and is used by international operators including Stolt Tankers and Island Offshore. Currently, 320 vessels and 38,500 seafarers around the globe are using the technology and in 2020 it was used to complete some 13,400 courses on our customers’ vessels.