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ABCs of Managing Time & Effort: The 80/20 Way Training

Further Information | Course
60 minutes
Business & Leadership, Personal Effectiveness
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AB Cs of Managing Time Effort The 80 20 Way Training

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Further Information - ABCs of Managing Time & Effort: The 80/20 Way Training


In 1897, Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto found that 20 percent of any given population, of any country during any time period, accounted for 80 percent of the wealth. This pattern is repeated in many aspects of life, not just wealth. The 80/20 Rule as applied to time management reveals that there is generally a significant imbalance between our efforts and our results. Instead of there being a one-to-one relationship between effort and result, it turns out that 20 percent of our efforts produce 80 percent of the results. Conversely, the other 80 percent of our efforts produce only 20 percent of the results. This 1-hour interactive online course from SmartTeam explores how we can channel our time and effort to get the greatest results with the least amount of effort and stress. It focuses on your individual abilities, and teaches an entrepreneurial time management approach together with creative use of the 80/20 Rule. In other words, it will help you prioritize so that you do most often the things you are best at and enjoy the most. You will learn to strive for excellence in a few things, rather than achieving mediocre performance in many.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to produce greater results by utilizing strategies for accomplishing your mission and goals with less time, effort, and stress
  • Understand the importance of focusing your time and energy on individual abilities rather than on the myriad of work and other activities outside your natural abilities and talents
  • Be able to accomplish key goals by creating and using a 'To Do' list method of planning for time and activities
  • Be familiar with the 80/20 Rule and how it applies to work and every aspect of life
  • Understand how to 'think 80/20' so that you can be more effective in accomplishing your goalsWhat this course is not: it is not a step-by-step program for managing time or details of one''s day In this course, we are much more interested in the big picture and how we can manage our lives (not just our time) to accomplish the goals that are important to us.This course includes a test at the end of each scenario



System Requirements

  • Internet Access - Users will need a computer or device with a web browser and an internet connection.
  • System - Runs on desktop computers and tablets. Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS. Apple Tablets running IOS 11.
  • Browser - Runs on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no plug-ins required
  • Minimum browser size - 1024x672
  • Audio – Requires speaker or headphones.
  • Notes - Not suitable for smartphones.