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Basic Safety Training Refresher Course

Further Information | Course
2400 minutes
Experience Level
Health & Safety
£630.00 exc. local taxes
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Basic Safety Training Refresher Course

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Further Information - Basic Safety Training Refresher Course


This Basic Training Refresher Course is approved by the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration meeting STCW Section VI/1 for basic training, for mariners who can provide evidence of 1 year of sea time in the last 5 years. Examinations can be completed online using our approved Halo Exams application. Information on Halo registration is available at the end of the online content. Please call when you are ready to register for one of our upcoming assessment sessions. 508-992-4025

This online program includes all required course theory through presentations, reference material, videos and quizzes in the subject areas of Basic Marine Firefighting, Personal Survival Techniques, Elementary First Aid and Personal Safety & Social Responsibility. Upon successful completion of the online course, you will be directed to take your exams online.

Any applicant who has successfully completed the Basic Training Refresher (DM-68) course will satisfy the continuing competency requirements for STCW Basic Training in STCW, as amended 2010, Basic Training in Section A-VI/1.

To take this course you must have 1 year of sea time in the last 5 years.

Note: A $50 exam fee has been included in the course price.

Learning Objectives

  • Basic marine firefighting methods and procedures
  • Personal survival techniques
  • Elementary first aid procedures
  • Personal safety and social responsibility


This course requires 4 exams to be taken:

  • First Aid/CPR – 25 questions – 70% pass mark
  • Personal Survival Techniques – 20 questions – 70% pass mark
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility – 10 questions – 70% pass mark
  • Basic Firefighting – 25 questions – 70% pass mark

The written exam(s) can be taken online through HALO° Exams, which you will be directed to at the end of your course.

System Requirements

Required equipment for the exam outside of any required materials identified in the course include a computer and web camera.