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Further Information - ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots


Who is the course for?

Maritime pilots, captains visiting ports where they do not require pilots or pilots are not available and other personnel in charge of close water navigation, manoeuvring or berthing a vessel.

Is previous experience required?

The course is tailored to maritime pilots' needs and therefore focuses on aspects relevant for pilotage and berthing. A Certificate of Competency (CoC) for navigational watchkeeping as well as experience with manoeuvring vessels is recommended.

How will the course benefit me?

By combining theoretical knowledge covering the ECDIS aspects most relevant to Maritime Pilots with hands-on experience and practical application on different ECDIS systems.

How will the course benefit my company?

By providing an increased familiarisation with the covered systems and creating a transferable skillset and mindset, helping the pilots to use all ECDIS models with confidence and increasing the navigational safety during their pilotage.

What standards are referenced in the course?

This course does not refer to specific legislation or standards.

Is there an assessment?

Once you have completed the first unit of the course, the assessment will be unlocked. You will be asked a series of questions to check your knowledge and understanding. These are based on the learning objectives for the course and have a pass mark of 70%.

Learning Objectives

· Explain the theory behind navigating with an ECDIS

· Describe the practical application of the theoretical ECDIS skills on the different ECDIS systems


Exam in the eLearning, Two attempts

System Requirements

• Internet access - users will need a device with a web browser and internet connection

• System - runs on computers, tablets and mobile devices using Windows 7 and above and MAC OS devices running IOS 11 and above

• Browsers - Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

• Minimum browser size - none

• Audio - requires device speaker or headphones


The Nautical Institute is an international representative body for maritime professionals, a leading publisher of specialist maritime books and journals and the provider of accreditation services such as its dynamic positioning certification scheme. The purpose of The Nautical Institute recognition scheme is to endorse the processes and procedures used in the design, delivery, review and improvement of a maritime training product or service.