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Marine VHF Radio Operator Course Training

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2400 minutes
Health & Safety, Security
£165.83 exc. local taxes
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Marine VHF Radio Operator Course Training

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Further Information - Marine VHF Radio Operator Course Training


HALO° VHF Marine Radio Course and Commonwealth of Dominica VHF Marine Operator License Program

Complete your VHF Marine Radio licensing course online! NEMOTM’s HALO° VHF Radio Course combines online simulations, animations, helpful explanations, quizzes and final exam to make your training experience engaging and comprehensive. You will explore the functionality and use of a marine radio in various circumstances ranging from daily communication to emergency situations using our HALO° VHF DSC Radio Simulator. All text passages include an audio component to assist ESL students. Upon completion of the course, you will have access to your course completion certificate as a record of your training.

The HALO° VHF Marine Radio course is approved by the Commonwealth of Dominica in accordance with the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations and Commonwealth of Dominica Policy Letter 01-19. The low program price includes the issuance of your VHF Marine Operator License by the Commonwealth of Dominica at no additional charge. The application form is provided online as part of the HALO° VHF Radio Course and provides upload links for identification documents, photo and signature. Expedited shipping can be chosen for an additional fee of $99.00 which can be paid with the license application form. There is no fee for regular shipping.

***Your course completion certificate will serve as your temporary Marine VHF Radio Operator License for a period of ten (10) days while your permanent license is being processed and shipped. Upon successful completion of the course, your application will be automatically processed by the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration and your license will be mailed within three (3) business days.

Note: A $50 exam fee has been included in the course price.