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Aboveground Storage Tanks - Part 2 Training

Further Information | Course
60 minutes
Engineering & Technology, Process Operations
Oil & Gas
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Aboveground Storage Tanks Part 2 Training

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Further Information - Aboveground Storage Tanks - Part 2 Training


Process facilities use aboveground storage tanks to meet a variety of operating needs. Operators who work with these tanks need to know what their responsibilities are and how to carry them out safely. This course covers operator responsibilities in areas such as routine inspections, sampling, gauging, and material transfers.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe typical operator responsibilities related to tank farm operations
  • Describe general safety concerns associated with tank farm operations
  • Describe tasks typically associated with making routine in-service inspections of aboveground storage tanks and their related auxiliary equipment and systems
  • Describe general preparations associated with sampling
  • Describe a procedure for obtaining a sample through a gauge hatch on a cone roof tank
  • Describe a procedure for obtaining a sample through a bleeder valve on a pressure tank
  • Describe how operators can use automatic gauges and D/P cells to obtain level measurements on aboveground storage tanks
  • Describe a procedure for manually gauging an external floating roof tank
  • Describe the main steps involved in doing a valve lineup and making a material transfer
  • Describe a procedure for filling a cone roof tank
  • Describe a procedure for pumping material out of an atmospheric tank
  • Describe a procedure for a material transfer in which the material delivery is switched between two storage tanks served by the same header



System Requirements

  • Internet Access - Users will need a computer or device with a web browser and an internet connection.
  • System - Runs on desktop computers and tablets. Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS. Apple Tablets running IOS 11.
  • Browser - Runs on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no plug-ins required
  • Minimum browser size - 1024x672
  • Audio – Requires speaker or headphones.
  • Notes - Not suitable for smartphones.