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Pipes & Valves: Basic Pipefitting Skills Training

120 minutes
Experience Level
Trade Skills, Pipe Fitting
£50.00 exc. local taxes
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Pipes and Valves Basic Pipefitting Skills Training

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Further Information - Pipes & Valves: Basic Pipefitting Skills Training


Basic Pipefitting Skills is a course designed to familiarize participants with basic techniques for determining piping configurations and dimensions, measuring and cutting pipe, and correctly installing pipe and fittings. After completing this Pipes & Valves: Basic Pipefitting Skills Training course, participants should be able to identify common piping and fittings, use blueprints and other drawings to determine piping configurations, measure and cut pipe, and install piping and fittings that are plumb, level, and square.

Learning Objectives

•Explain how piping is sized
• Identify common piping
• Identify common pipe fittings and explain how each is used
• Recognize and interpret Plan Views and Elevation Views
• Use blueprints and drawings to determine piping configurations, dimensions, and fittings required
• Verify materials for a piping installation using a Bill of Materials
• Identify drawing symbols that are used for common welded, screw, and flanged pipe fittings
• Take accurate measurements with a six-foot rule and a retractable tape
• Express piping measurements correctly orally and in writing
• Identify beginning and ending points of piping measurements
• Define the terms "take-off" and "make-up" as they pertain to piping
• Calculate fitting take-off and actual pipe lengths required from both blueprints and existing installations
• Measure, mark, and cut piping into required lengths
• Define the terms "plumb", "level", and "square" as they pertain to piping installations
• Use a level and a square to correctly install piping



System Requirements

• Internet Access - Users will need a computer or device with a web browser and an internet connection.
• System - Runs on desktop computers and tablets. Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS. Apple Tablets running IOS 11.
• Browser - Runs on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no plug-ins required
• Minimum browser size - 1024x672
• Audio – Requires speaker or headphones.
• Notes - Not suitable for smartphones