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Process Safety Management (PSM): Management of Change Training

30 minutes
Health & Safety, Control of Work
£12.50 exc. local taxes
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Process Safety Management PSM Management of Change Training

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Further Information - Process Safety Management (PSM): Management of Change Training


Uncontrolled change contributes to 80% of serious industrial accidents. Management of Change (MOC) requires written procedures to manage changes to process chemicals, technology, equipment, facilities and procedures that affect a covered process. Any potential change is evaluated for its impact on the process and all affected personnel will be informed and trained in the change prior to start-up of the process. In addition, any change requires all other elements of PSM to be updated to reflect the change. Lack of or an ineffective Management of Change Program is a ticking time bomb that will eventually explode.

Learning Objectives

• Define the purpose of management of change
• Describe when a formal management of change process is needed and when it is not needed
• List the elements contained in an effective management of change process



System Requirements

• Internet Access - Users will need a computer or device with a web browser and an internet connection.
• System - Runs on desktop computers and tablets. Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS. Apple Tablets running IOS 11.
• Browser - Runs on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no plug-ins required
• Minimum browser size - 1024x672
• Audio – Requires speaker or headphones.
• Notes - Not suitable for smartphones