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Smart Mental Health: Managing Anger and Emotions Training

Further Information | Course
60 minutes
Health & Safety, Health & Wellbeing
£25.00 exc. local taxes
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Smart Mental Health Managing Anger and Emotions Training Smart Mental Health Managing Anger and Emotions Training 2

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Further Information - Smart Mental Health: Managing Anger and Emotions Training


The modern workplace is often thought of as a strictly professional, rational, logical environment. Cooperation is key--personal opinions and emotions must be put aside in the name of teamwork, which may be easier said than done! No one can expect to connect with fellow colleagues the way they do their own friends or family members. One crossed word or bad mood can damage corporate relations, sometimes irreparably. The uncertainty of the business environment of today, and resulting stress that follows only adds to the pressure workers feel in performing their level best. Feeling overworked and overwhelmed is natural in the workplace, especially when it comes to dealing with change. The purpose of this course is to illustrate ways you can overcome the emotional barriers you may face in the workplace. This course will guide you through various exercises and give you tips to help you manage your emotions at work so you can perform to the best of your abilities.

Learning Objectives

• Describe ways to manage emotions at work
• Discuss anger management, such as understanding emotional triggers, and the best ways to handle confrontations
• Discuss why it’s important to manage your emotions, especially at work
• Explain how stress can affect individuals both positively and negatively
• Recognize common workplace emotions, their symptoms, and consequences



System Requirements

• Internet Access - Users will need a computer or device with a web browser and an internet connection.
• System - Runs on desktop computers and tablets. Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS. Apple Tablets running IOS 11.
• Browser - Runs on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no plug-ins required
• Minimum browser size - 1024x672
• Audio – Requires speaker or headphones.
• Notes - Not suitable for smartphones