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Bespoke Training Courses

Mintra has specialist Content Development teams in both the UK and Norway with decades of experience creating Bespoke Training courses for our customers around the world. As a global leader in learning technologies, Mintra offers a flexible, needs-driven, approach to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money.

One of Mintra's core areas of expertise is in the development of bespoke eLearning courses; customised, innovative, multi-device learning solutions. We can deliver solutions of various complexity to suit all budgets and specifications – from simple PowerPoint conversions to advanced, scenario-based, highly interactive, multimedia eLearning. Focusing on the latest innovations in learner engagement is pivotal in ensuring the quality of our bespoke learning solutions. A commitment to embracing new learning techniques and technologies is at the heart of our bespoke service offering.


Development Process

Our development methodology covers all phases of a project lifecycle; from needs analysis to concept design, development, and deployment of the training solution. The process starts with our learning specialists defining the target audience and specifying learning objectives. The script is created in line with proven instructional design and assessment methods before the course is developed, tested, and deployed. Our dedicated team of graphic designers and media developers create content in a variety of formats, including animations, illustrations, video, photography and print design.

'Our goal is to create authentic activities that provide a conceptual bridge, linking different levels of comprehension and experience to allow learners to develop a personal narrative with the subject matter via their own real-world experiences.' Janet Donaldson , Content Director
Janet Donaldson

Learning Design

Mintra uses an activity-focused model of assessment, offering a clearly structured and well-paced programme of engaging activities within the course. This enables flexible, learner-friendly content delivery whilst achieving our aim of encouraging learners to foster independent learning, constructing their own knowledge and meaning through content interaction, review, and reflection.

We achieve this through a range of different styles of interactions in the courses; varying from multiple choice questions, drag and drop and hotspot activities to freeform text activities (where learners input their own thoughts rather than being guided by a series of pre-delivered answer options – emphasis on recall rather than recognition).


Interaction & Assessment

Our courses typically contain several formative activities - these are non-assessed activities that are designed to assist in the knowledge comprehension process. Interaction is crucial for successful learning, but interaction does not simply occur, it must be intentionally designed into the instructional program. Our pedagogical approach for course design ties in with our balance of formative course activities, or ‘knowledge checks’, blended with a summative course assessment; formative activities are used as an assessment tool for learning and the end of course assessment is used as the formal assessment of learning.

The range of activities and methods of delivery and presentation accommodate individual learning styles but at the same time delivering the content in an engaging and effective manner. 

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