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2.0 Release Note


This document describes fundamental changes in OCS Self Service from last version 1.8.18 to 2.0.

General icons

Compulsory fields are outlined in yellow






View data



View history

Create/View PDF

Copy travel

Upload file (no previous files uploaded)

Upload file (previous files uploaded)

Info. Hover mouse pointer over.

Open table (or report) in Excel

Date selector

Overnight stay

Save filter

Delete filter

Expand background data
Collapse background data

Main changes

OCS Self Service 2.0 is primarily a change of design and layout, as well as an implementation of a responsive framework. The responsive framework entails that the presentation and scaling of Self Service will vary depending on the size of the unit presenting Self Service. Some pages will contain too much data for scaling on small units, and in tables with too much data, one will be able to slide from left to right by "pulling" the table.

Updated technology

Underlying technology has been updated, and the minimum demand to run OCS Self Service 2.0 is Windows Server 2008 with .Net Framework 4.5. Minimum demand for web browser is IE 9.0 or newer. For Firefox and Chrome and similar, it is recommended always to run automatic updates and thus ensuring that you run the latest version.

New responsive menu

The menu in Self Service is replaced, and is now placed horizontally at the top of the page, instead of vertically on the left side as in earlier versions of Self Service.
The menu structure has been retained as in earlier versions, and it is still possible for customers to add, edit or delete menu items via menu admin. Some menu items have been assigned their own icons, and have been moved out from the standard menu. These will not be possible to change in the standard menu. This concerns the Task list, Approve Tasks, the Profile page and the Report page.

Example of new menu. The left side is dynamic, and is built up from Menu admin as earlier.
As it will now be possible to click and expand a sub item with your finger on mobile units, no menu items with sub items can open a new page. That implies that, among others, "Search employees" has been moved to be a sub item under "My employees".

Pre-defined menu in full screen

Task list and inbox will display number of unread e-mails and pending tasks.

Menu display on mobile units

On mobile units the dynamic menu will collapse into a "hamburger-menu".

The static menu on the right side will be gathered under the user name.

Example: Personal data in new interface

Task list

The task list is placed underneath the bell icon. Number of pending tasks will display. Pending tasks may be own tasks, or other person's tasks which you are to approve. When clicking the bell, a speed choice list will display, viewing up to 10 tasks. The list will firstly be sorted on due date, secondly on created date. You may go directly to a specific task from the speed choice list.
Click on the link at the top of the list to view all tasks, search, view history etc.

News in Version

Confirm personal data

After log on a pop-up window will appear every x days with information about registered personal data. If data are correct, click Confirm. The reminder will then pop up again after new x days. If clicking Later, you may proceed, but the remainder will occur again upon next log-on. If clicking Change, you will be directed to Personal data, and reminder date will be changed if editing personal data.

To activate this possibility, the following parameter must be added in OCS HR in the window
Modules | Setup | Properties –Actions; Setup of system variables




Days before verify user details





Travel expense report

Uploading files

The function for uploading files has been changed and moved.
This is now available as a separate section, and is available under the travel «head» section. It is possible to upload multiple files simultaneously by clicking "Select files" and select with the mouse pointer in combination with Ctrl- or Shift button. Files can also be uploaded by dropping files in the uploading zone.
The uploading zone is the dashed area with the text "Drop files her to upload". On mobile units a button for "Take photo" will emerge, allowing to use camera to photograph a receipt.
Please take note that some mobile units take high resolution photos, potentially exceeding the file size limit defined in the system. As of today there is no option for reducing the size of a photo in OCS Self Service. This implies that each company might consider internal routines to handle this.

When the attachments are added to the uploading zone, you will have the option to add a description to each receipt before uploading. You will also immediately be notified if an attachment is too large, and the attachment may be removed again with the button Remove.
When all attachments are described, click Upload.

Attachments can be uploaded until the expense report is sent for approval.


A new tick-off box «Description required» is added to basic data table for expenses in OCS HR (Basic data | Travel | Expenses). If this is ticked off for an expense type, description will be mandatory when registering the expense.

Uploaded attachments will display with both description and file name in the voucher drop-down list.

Approve travel / workflow

Approval/change of status of a travel has been placed at the bottom of the page, as normally one would see over the whole expense report before approving.

ESS – Employee Self Service

External experience

It is now possible to add, delete or alter external competence from the Personal data window – tab Emp.history. Access to perform changes is directed through read/write access to the folder.
It is distinguished between employees and managers. The access is given through "Groups access".

Function ID



ESS PersonalInfo Emphistorytab

Function type


Function ID



MSS PersonalInfo Emphistorytab

Function type


By clicking «edit» you will be able to delete, edit or add external experience.

When clicking Add external experience, a pop-up will appear.

CV summary points

Employees/managers may now themselves edit «free texts" that can be defined on the CV.
Which summary points should be editable is directed in 'Code access'. Here is a table named "Qualification", where user groups may be granted privileges to register CV summary points.
Editing the summary points is executed in the window ESS - "Own competence". (EmployeeCompetence.aspx).

A new window displays when adding or editing an existing qualification. An employee may only have one of each kind of qualification.


In hour registration it is possible to set up the system to generate extra hour lines automatically when adding certain compensation types. This is defined in basic data. Changes of the "mother" hour line has earlier not caused the "daughter" hour line to change accordingly. Only deletion or creating new hour lines has had this connection. A parameter has now been added, making it possible to set up the system to always change the "daughter" hour line if the "mother" hour line is altered.
To activate this possibility, the following parameter must be added in OCS HR in the window Modules | Setup | Properties:




Run additonal hour lines on update



Mail sending

A change has been made in mail sending from workflow and removal of hour approval. It is now the recipient's chosen language that will be the language of the e-mail (Earlier the sender's chosen language would be the language of the e-mail). If there is no language defined on the user, the e-mail will be sent on standard language (English).

Approve own tasks

A parameter exists for preventing a person to approve his/her own tasks. This parameter does not hinder a user in approving his/her own tasks if the task is sent to a user group, and the user is a member of this user group. An extra parameter has been added to also prevent the user to approve his own tasks in this instance.
To activate
To activate this possibility, the following parameter must be added in OCS HR in the window Modules | Setup | Properties:




Approve own workflow for group


T/F (Standard value is T)

If this parameter is set to F, the task will not be available for the user who sent the task, even if he/she is a member of the user group that the task was sent to. The user will also not receive any mail alert if this is defined for the group.
The fields for Task overdue and Delay have earlier not had any function for Self Service workflows. These are now activated. Task overdue is used to define due date, while Delay is used to delay the start of a task.

Birthday list

A new parameter is added to define the number of days ahead the birthday list should display birthdays for. The new parameter will, if defined, overrule the parameter for number of months ahead that the birthday list will display birthdays
The following parameter should be added in the OCS HR window Modules | Setup | Properties:


Report – Web


Birthdaylist - Days ahead



Also an error on the birthday list has been corrected, causing the birthday list only to display birthdays within the current year.

CV Report

Under the employee's CV an icon has been added for direct print-out to Word. CV in Self Service takes into account formatting options added to print of activities in the latest version of OCS HR.
In HR a new field / significance has been imposed for description on CV. Here you may codify which fields to include, as well as line breaks on activities visible on the CV.

It is also possible to choose if the activities should be confirmed before included on the CV.
In order to choose which information should be included on the CV for the various activities, a new field has been added on the activity definition, this is valid both on main activity level and directly on the activity. Basic data for activity is updated via the paths Basic data | Activities | Main activity / Activity.
The method used to define text formatting/content in the withdrawal of information to report is as follows:
All values in brackets [] will be replaced with real data from the activity of the employee, in the language that the CV is to be printed in.
The text can be separated in sections by using | as a divider. Sections where one of the variables sourced from the activity is without value will not be included in the CV.
Example: "[activity]| - [installation]| - [position]" will be imported on the CS as «Activity – Position» if no installation is registered on the activity, and "Activity – Installation – Position" if installation also is registered. It is also possible to define a value which is treated as "blank"; this is done by setting the value in brackets behind the variable. Example: "A little text [position]{Captain}" will be translated to «A little text» if the position is Captain, and «A little text Chief Officer" if the position is chief officer.
If it is desired to have different text on English and Norwegian CV, this can be defined by adding full text in English and Norwegian with ^ as separator between the languages.
For example:
[activity] as [position]| on board [installation]^[activity] som [position]| om bord [installation].
A new tick-off box has also been added on main activity/activity "(CV) Confirmation required". This defines if the activity must be confirmed in order to be included on the CV. Old setting in modules | setup | properties is no longer in use. The tick-off off box has three possible statuses:

  • Setting from main activity is used
  • Confirmation not required

Confirmation requires
(CV) text from main acitivity will display as 'disabled' if there is not added a text on the activity.
Variables that can be used to define text are:


Field on activity




Number of days




Main activity number


Main activity description


Activity description


CV text




Installtion / vessel




Project job


Dimension A


Dimension B


Dimension C

[enter] (Linjeskift)

Insert page break

CV Report manager

Managers can now run Standard CV report for multiple employees. The report is located under the main group CV_REPORT.

Function ID



CV report

Function type


Access must be given to SubReport (WEBREPSUB) in Group access:

Function ID



CV report standard

Function type



Closed projects

There is a parameter preventing that a user may register hours and travels on closed projects. A bug caused this parameter to hinder the possibility to run reports on closed projects. This has now been corrected.

Competence requirements

Summation of requirements to installation and/or position came out wrong if more than one requirement was specified. This has now been corrected.


The visa information was retrieved from an old table. Visa data are now retrieved from the competence table as in OCS HR.


When registering expenses, currency rates were based on today's date. If saving without overruling the currency, the currency rate was calculated based on today's rate. This was a bug, which has now been corrected. Lookup is now always done against the current rate for the date of the expense.