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2.1 Release Note


This document describes new features and changes in OCS HR Self Service between version 2.0 and 2.1

General changes

Standard project job from installation

In earlier versions, it has been possible to retrieve project job by default from either activity or employment. This is controlled by a global setup "Hours", "Default Projectjob" and the value A=Activity, or E=Employment.
This functionality is extended with a new option - to retrieve default project job from installation, using value I = Installation.

Standard project job is defined on installation and could can be differentiated by company. This change will also affect hour generation.
Additionally it is possible to configure that only project job on current installation is possible to select when registering hours or travels expenses. This is controlled by owna separate parameter (See figure beneath). If this is activated, it will apply all places in the system where project is selected.

This is controlled by own parameter

Individual logo per company

In current reports showing logo, it has only been possible to have one logo file. Starting from SelfService 2.1 it is possible to have onean individual logo per company. Also added is the possibility to use file extensions .jpg|.png|.gif.
To have a separate logo for a company, just simply prefix the report.jpg|.png|.gif with the short name of the company.
For instance, if the company short name is SHIP a filed called SHIPreport.gif, SHIPreport.png or SHIPreport.jpg must exist in \images directory on webserver.

Workflow admin

Two buttons have been added to the Admin workflow function.
One called «Reset travel status», for working with travels. If this is used, the travel's status, (not the workflow), is set to «Started». This is useful if the travel is locked in another status, and it is necessary to do changes to the travel.
Another button is added is called «Complete workflow». The workflow will be finished, and removed from the task list.

Plugin for enrolled courses

A new Added a plugin is added, showing enrolled courses for the logged in user. To add the plugin to the start page, use function Admin  Menuy Text. The control name is «Course List». Separate documentation on how to add a plugin is available.
The Pplugin displays all future participant courses, except e-learning courses, as they are shown in a separate plugin. If a course is canceled, there will appear a  and if the course is moved relative to the entered date,  will appear.

Given that trip integration is used/filled in, a suitcase  appears and travel information is shown visible when pressing clicking the suitcase icon.

If you do not use travel details, it is possible to hide the column. Enter the following in OCS HR global setup:
Module | Setup | Properties:




Show travelinfo course plugin


T/F (Standard value is T)

Plugin showing competence status

A new plugin is added for displaying competence status, which can be used on the first page or other dynamic pages that you have created in Self Service.
The Pplugin is added made available through Admin  Menu  Text. Control name is "Competence requirement."
The Pplugin will display the category selected as standard under ESS  Competence

If the users do not set up their own standard, you can select a company standard for the corresponding function in the OCS HR.

The Pplugin displays all requirements related to the selected tabcategory.

Organization chart improvements

The function is extended with the ability to also view the responsible persons of the department, not just the person who is placed as manager on Company  Department. To enable this, you must set the following parameter:

Module | Setup | Properties:


Report – Web


OrgChart - Show responsible persons


T/F (Standard value F)

Added search button has been added, so that the organization chart is not loaded until you have selected company and /or department. In addition, you can choose how many levels you want to see, as well as how many columns each level will should show.
It is now possible to print the organization chart to PDF, and one may zoom in and out by using the roll wheel on the mouse. Added Print to PDF and you can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

Hide columns

The feature to hide certain columns in lists is also included in Employee absence and Employee activity.



Show responsible

Responsible for the department appears under Employee Data, with the ability to send mail directly. If the department has a responsible, the -icon is shown and the responsible is shown by hoovering your mouse over the icon.

Upload attachment for pass and seamen's book

It is now possible to upload attachments / image to passports and seamen's book directly from Self Service. Control access with existing access on passports and seamen's book: W_PASSPORT_SCANNED, W_PASSPORT_2_SCANNED and W_SEAMAN_BOOK_SCANNED. Needs write permission (WRITE) to upload.

One must also have write access to the tab, and the page must be in edit mode to make uploading available. Upload will be available when you push .

Show document- and certificate type in Documents

The list of documents now show the document type, and certificate type if the document is linked to a certificate.
All documents are displayed when you open the image, selection can be made from the dropdown list.

Travel expenses

Extended field Destination in Travel Route.

Destination extended from 35 to 300 characters.

Printing all attachment

Attachment to travel expenses can be merged with travel report to a new PDF in one operation, eliminating the need to open one and one attachment.
This functionality is accessed by pressing the paperclip  located beside the PDF icon. This creates a new page per attachment. Only photos and other PDF files can be merged into a new PDF.
Some attachments are of such a type that it is not possible to merge them together. If that is the case, a list at the end of the PDF will list the documents that could not merge. Print those one by one as before.

Access control accounting

Access control on department, project and dimensions are now reflected when one does posting of the trip.

Grid report

Added a flexible grid report to query travel expenses.

A separate user manual is available.

Hour registration

Copy period

The function to copy the period was original created for users who spent time tracking towards a long activity. When copy hours, everything from the period you copied from was copied to the new period with the precondition that the activity was unchanged. Some customers using sailing and leave activities had adopted the function. When they copied to the new period, the hours were still recorded against the activity you copied from.
This did not create any significant problems in the past, but after introduction of Svalbard taxes and changes in procedure for transfer of hours to wages, hours was not transferred to salaries. A change is done to the copying function so now you must have time tracking activity in the period copying hours to.


Show Competence

It is now possible to tick attachment before making the analysis. If you do, you will be able to print attachments associate with person / expertise. To open the attachment, press the appropriate column in the matrix.
It has also been made a correction in relation to search activity, which was made different to corresponding search in OCS HR.

Small changes


If a list has many entries, a page selector is used to switch between pages in the list. The pager is improved. It is easier to hit buttons, and easier to see which page selected.

User text

The user can now export user text to Excel

Color from main activity

In some views, the activity is colored with color from activity setup (OCS HR, Basic data  Activities  Activity). It is also possible to add color to the main activity, which then will be applied to all activity codes without color defined.


A new module is created, which is released as a beta for Self Service 2.1. The module is designed to create surveys, to distribute to both employees and external participants. The module will be made available free of license control until SelfService version released Q1 2016 and we encourage all customers to test it out. Please contact sales for more info about price.
A separate user manual is available for the module.