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2.15.6 Release Note

New/changed functionality

The dashboard plugin “Status hour approval” has been improved.

The purpose of the dashboard plugin “Status hour approval” is to show managers the status of hour approval in the part of the organization they are responsible for. Typically, this is relevant when an organization needs to wrap up all hours before running payroll.

The information shown in the plug-in is based on the organizational structure that is presented in the organizational chart available in the menu of OCS Self Service.

Set up

Open the Self Service menu Admin | Configure dashboards (requires administrator privileges). Press the “Edit plugin” icon on the dashboard you want to edit.

Press “New plugin” and then select the “Status hour approval” from the drop-down menu.

Select the type of period the plugin should present status for, and then enter the number of the type selected in the “Offset” field. In the example above the plugin will show status for the last 12 months.

Press “Add plugin”, and then drag the plugin to the wanted location on the dashboard. Press “Save setup”

Using the plugin

On the top of the plugin, you are able to tick the box “All accessible employees”. When selected the plugin will show status

Of hours for all employees, he/she has access to through the access control.

When the check box is unchecked, the department managers will only be able to see the hours for employees in their own department plus leaders in sub-departments and employees he has been given direct access to.

The first view shows:

  1. Total hours for the person logged in
  2. The total hours of all employees that report to the person logged in
  3. The total of hours that department managers that report to the person logged in are responsible for approving.

When pressing one of the items, you will be presented with a more detailed status, showing a list of the personnel, their total number of hours, how many of those hours they have not approved, how many hours have not been approved by the next department in the workflow, and in the end, how many hours that still has not been approved by the HR department before transferring to payroll.

Please notice that some of our customers are using a customized setup of the approval workflow and that the plugin may need some adjustment from a Mintra consultant to be able to show the correct numbers.

The “Forgot password” view has been changed.

The login view in Self-Service has been changed so that the actual email address of the user does not show when a new password link has been sent. Instead, is showing the general text: "A password reset mail has been sent to your registered email address”

The column “Employment category” has been added to the dashboard plugin “My employees”

The column showing the categories of employees has been added.

Error corrections

In the view “Crew need” names of all personnel manning the vessel or department is showing.

This has been corrected so only personnel the user got access to will show.

English text on Norwegian texted Leave balance plugin.

The text “Day balance” is in English, should have been Norwegian. This has been corrected.

Self Service report “Approver timesheet” shows an error.

When the report is returning results for the “Not approved hours” an error message is returned when selecting one of the employees for details. This has been corrected