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2.3 Release Note


This document describes new features and changes in OCS Self Service made from the version 2.2 to 2.3.
Please note that in order to use this version, OCS HR 20.00 or a later version should be installed.

General Changes

Historical newsfeeds (Plugin)

If one uses the News plugin, the news will disappear when the set date is expired. Previously it has not been possible to see the historical news, so a parameter on the plugin have been developed to have this option available. We recommend to make a separate page to show the historical news, which can be linked from to front page.
If assistance is needed to make manage this solution, please contact a consultant.

The plugin is added to the front page (or another page) via AdminMenuText.

Gap analysis competence (Plugin)

A Plugin showing Gap Analysis as a cake diagram is now available. The diagram divides the competence into a view in percentage according to the gap analysis one have chosen.
The Plugin is added to the front page (or another page) via AdminMenuText.

The Plug in has the possibility to show analysis for an employee and a department, there is no restrictions for how many diagrams you can show at once. The option to restrict the view of the diagrams per user group is also possible.
One may give heading to the cake diagrams, and set "Number of Days", which means how many days from today's date the gap should show according to.
If you chose the diagram for an employee, it will use the users default competence category as search criteria. If the diagram for a department is chosen, is will show analysis for the department one is employed in / leader for, and the category showing is the standard which is set for the user.
If "All accessible employees" are chosen, the analysis will be against all employees the user has access to.

Competence requirements measured against assignment.

It is possible to select that the category is chosen from assignments («Use category from assignment»), then the competence requirement connected to the assignment and installation, will be used for the analysis.
The competence from the assignment is then set up in the explorer in OCS HR. The competence requirement registered to the installation the employee is on, and the date inputted in the search field, will determine which requirements that will show.

By clicking on the plugin diagram, the competence requirements for the employees or department will open, dependent on the setup chosen when the plugin was added.

Leave Balance (plugin)

The information which is shown in the timekeeping window and request activity, is now extracted to an own plugin called «Leave Balance».
The Plugin is added to the front page (or another page) via AdminMenuText.

Deputy Report

The report does now have the options to filter by date. Deputies without to/from date, will always show.


To choose employees from a list after a search.

When a leader have made a general search for employees, it is possible to browse between the employees by using the arrows.

If the search generates many employees at the same time, it becomes time consuming to use the arrows. The window shown below is added, which will appear when pressing the number in the search result "1/22".

When clicking on one of the employees in this window, one opens the employee directly. It is also possible to remove employees from the list by pressing the


sign to the right side, update filter, and the continue to use the arrows to do changes.

Leaders reporting to you

In the window called "Search Employees" there is now inputted a checkbox called "Reporting". When this checkbox is ticked off, you will see the leaders that are reporting directly to you. The leaders that will show are according to the department matrix and how the hierarchy is built.

Crew need with a updated view.

The output from Crew Need is coordinated with the view in OCS HR.
The question mark show the different colors explained.

Save filters in the competence matrix and hide columns

In the competence matrix, it's possible to save filters from the inputted search criteria's in the personal information section. The filter is saved individually per user.
From the search result the option to hide columns in the matrix and save the setup is added. The function has no limitations, however, when hiding columns you should only hide the static columns and not the one generated by the search. The hidden columns are hidden for all users.


Register competence through a defined workflow

A new functionality is made to register competence through a defined workflow and specified approvers. Please ask for documentation for more specific details.

Send a copy of a mail to yourself

There is now the option to send a copy of a mail to yourself. This change applies under "Send Message" and in the general mail sending per person window. There is a check box you can tick off to activate the function beside the "From" field".

Switch between activity, crew and work shifts color codes in «Show activities»

The function to view activity, crew or work shift color , when viewing activities have been added. This affects which color codes that displayed in the search result, and the text appearing when holding the marker over a specific activity. If one views work shifts or crew, a question mark is available for explanation of the color codes from the results.

In addition, the sorting now also includes "Position no., Work shift" and "Work shift".

New columns for next of kin

New columns have been added on the next of kin, which may be found in the folder «Contact data» under «Personal data». The new fields are passport information and e-mail address.

If passport information have been registered, it is possible to see the information by holding the marker over the Information-Icon.

Access to edit the passport information for a next of kin is individual. The access is divided between employees and leaders, and the access is given in "Group Access".

Function ID



Acces to view / change passport data for own next of kin

Function type


Function ID



Access to view/change passport data for own employees next of kin.

Function type



Separated mileage allowance

Mileage allowance is a part of the travel expense, which we are planning to expand in future versions of Self Service. In this version we have separated allowance like "Expenses".
This means that when a new expense is opened, the options below will appear. These are defined by travel types in OCS HR, under Basic data  Travel  Travel type. If travel types are not defined, the icons will not display.

If travel log is chosen, only the section for expenses and mileage allowance will be available.

Accounting travel expense

Previously it was possible to change the accounting details, even after the travel was transferred to payroll.
The following changes have been made:

  • If the accounting details contains more than one line or more, the main page will be locked for editing (The same values which can be found in the accounting page, like department, dimension, e.g. )
  • An accounting line will not be created before you press the button for accounting.
  • After the travel is transferred to payroll, it is not allowed to do changes in accounting.

Audit log

Logging of users / access control

To handle logging of changes/removal of user access and group access, it have been made database functions to control this. Self Service is now using those functions, which will make it possible to detect who and when changes was made.

Act as

If the function «Act as» is used, a line will be saved in the general log report, so it will be possible to do a search on a later occasion, if an employee have saved something that do not match.
To see who has used the function the information can be found using Admin  Error Log and select Show = Use.

Various corrections

Pinning projects in timekeeping per week.

The function now includes standard department when changing to the next week.

New column in the activity register

Implementing a mandatory column in the activity table, led to that the option for leaders to edit the function "Request activity" failed. This has been corrected continuously for costumers, which have updated OCS HR. This column have now been accounted for in Self Service.

Show document in On-the-job training (OJT)

A change made in the previous version which made it possible for each employee to upload documents, led to a bug that denied the access to see documents which is connected to training. It has now been corrected. In addition we have corrected a bug, that made it mandatory to input a comment to change the completed date.

Access to documents

In "personal data" one could get access to documents either through code access in Self Service, or through a role/privilege on the document type in OCS HR. The mix of these two could result in having access to other document for users in departments one should not have.
Now it is only possible to see document using access to under Admin Basic data  Code access.
As a general note, we do not recommend using the same user in Self Service and OCS HR, To have full control of access one should create separate users.

Access evaluation

If using privileges is used on Evaluation form, and additional access control is done on the database. This control led to the user was not able to save evaluation from SelfService. If using privileges, always give OCS_SUPERVISOR access to the privilege.