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2.5.1 Release Note


This document describes new features and changes in OCS Self Service (SelfService) added from version 2.5 to 2.5.1 This is a minor version, and only a few changes are included since 2.5.
Please note that in order to use this version in full, OCS HR 21.03 or a later version should be installed.

Trainingportal Integration

The integration between Training portal and OCS HR has been extended from version 21.03 of OCS HR. Se release note for OCS HR for full information.


The possibility to set assessor / approver from SelfService has been added. If a assessor user group is selected on a course, it is possible to set assessor / approver when enrolling a course, or change/set later from the eLearning plugin.
Settings | Setup | Properties


Course Administration


Hide link to finished course


T/F. If set to T the link to the eLearning course is removed when the course is finished. Default is F.


Course Administration


Assessor user group


The description lang1 of the user group describes the assessor user group.

Choose assessor / approver

If a eLearning course is set up with a group for assessor / approver, it is possible to select approver from a list of available users. Available users are shown by just start by writing the users name, or using the * (star) to show all available users. The assessor / approver can be changed at a later time from the eLearning-plugin.

When a user is selected, the user id will be shown in the Competence requirement list.

Change assessor / approver

The eLearning plugin shows all enrolled courses. If the functionality for assessor / approver is used, it is also possible to change the assessor / approver as long as the course is not finished. If an assessor is expected but not set, a red exclamation sign is shown.
The app. / assessor column is hidden if not used.

If you are automatically enrolled to a course, but the course link is not received yet, the course link is not clickable

Various changes

Overlapping travel expenses

The check showing overlapping travel expenses also showed travels marked as Deleted. Those travels are now removed from list.

Hide EMPLOYEE group from approver plugin

To be able to hide the approver line EMPLOYEE from the hours for approval plugin, a global setup parameter has been added.
Settings | Setup | Properties






T/F (default T). If setting the value to F (false), the approver group EMPLOYEE are hidden from the Hours for approval plugin.

Restrict access on workflow in Workflow admin

To be able to restrict the access to workflow type (task) in Workflow admin, a new code access type is added to control this.
Admin → Basic data → Code access

When using this access only Workflow types available for user groups you are member of will be available.

Minimum and maximum banked hours

To configuration parameters has been added to control the minimum and maximum no of banked hours (plus time)
Settings | Setup | Properties




Max allowed plus-time


Maximum allowed value plus-time


Min allowed plus-time


Minimum value allowed in plus-time. Registered with a negative value.

If the value of a hour registration including year to date value either is large then the maximum or less than the minimum value of banked hours, a warning is shown and the hour line is not saved. If the current value is 10% near the minimum or maximum values, a yellow exclamation sign is show on the summary of hour status .

Various corrections

Ojt, search using position group

If the position group was included when searching for documents the search did not work. Corrected.

Validation on phone number

If validation was added on phone numbers (introduced in 2.5), but the field was read only, the validation validated fields with wrong format, but since the field was read-only it was not possible to correct. Validation is now only active if field is writable.

Call name access control

The call name access control use an incorrect parameter, so no access control on that field was not used.

Approve hours / timesheet error

If the compensation type was empty, due to not having any enabled through contract, the pages gave an error. This is fixed.