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2.6.1 Release Note


This document describes changes in OCS Self Service (SelfService) from version 2.6 to 2.6.1.
This version is minor, and only include some minor changes and corrections to version 2.6. If SelfService is not upgraded to 2.6, this version should be installed according to instructions for 2.6. If 2.6 is already installed, it is only necessary to run the installer for 2.6.1.
Please note that this version requires the latest version of OCS HR – 22.00

Minor changes

Evaluation (Self and manager)

Evaluation items can now be grouped. Evaluation form is managed in OCS HR.
Evaluation items can be linked to a score and average score calculated on the evaluation form. Which items that should use a score and the score range is configured in OCS HR. In SelfService, a new average score column is added in the evaluation list. The score is shown for those evaluations using score.

Employee Info

If a validation error happened in another tab than the one you were doing changes in, no information was shown, but it was not possible to save. In this version, the tab will change colour to red, and the information 'Invalid input' is shown. If adding or editing Next of kin, it is now possible to save even if there is an error in some of the tabs.

Validation is also added to check for valid email.
To enable validation, a regular expression for validation must be set up in System parameters:
Settings | Setup | Properties




Email Validation


A regular expression value. To find example, try this site:

This example should cover most variants:




Org chart – Reports to (beta)

A new tab is added to the Org chart report called Report to. This Org chart approach is added based upon the hierarchy in the Reports to field. The drop down called "Person" shows all employees that are 'reported to'. If selecting 'Show only top level', only employees reported to who does not report to others is shown. These persons are marked by a * before their name in the list.

The report result will show a hierarchy based upon persons reporting to each other. Cyclic references will crash the report.

Employee Info – Reports to

If an employee has a value in Reports to, an  is added after the Reports to name. This will build a hierarchy with the shown reports to as a starting point. If the persons in the hierarchy is part of other departments, different background colours is used.

This report will not handle cyclic references.

Auto width on Multi-select Drop downs

If having long descriptions in the multi-select drop downs, the drop down will try to adjust the size to match the length of the description. This functionality can have different behaviour in different browsers, and if having only small description the dropdown can get very small.

Various corrections

ESS – Manager

A possibility to individually set manager on employment was introduced in 2.6. If manager was not set, the employee's own name was shown as manager. Corrected.

Approve tasks

If having more than 20 tasks in the approve task function, a pager is added. When using the page, the page showed an error. Corrected.

Exchange rate and Expense items from Credit Card

If an expense item was added from a credit card transaction, the exchange rate was overwritten with the exchange rate from OCS HR if the expense date was changed. This is now changed, the exchange rate from the credit card is kept. This change was not implemented in 2.6 even though it was mentioned in the release note.

Default values travel expense

Earlier, when default values were used in travel expense, and an invalid default value was used (for example a project job that had been closed), the page would show a value, but in the database nothing would be stored. This has been corrected, and also information that default values has been loaded is shown.

Project approval travel workflow

If project is missing and the workflow is set to project approver, the task is sent to default approver.

Currency on travel PDF report

Previously currency was only show in the summarize footer if there was used a foreign currency. Since some employees has salary in 'foreign' currency, it is better to always show the currency.

Incorrect time possible to register on travel route

In the travel route it was possible to register incorrect time values, eg 25:45. A validator is now added.

Login with NEWUSER

When the new 2FA functionality was introduced, the possibility to log in with NEWUSER as password for users without password disappeared. This possibility is now reintroduced. However, we strongly recommend to not use this as an approach for new users to log in. Our recommendation is to set up OCS Service to generate and send an e-mail with a random password instead.

Max length User id

If creating users from SelfService, the user id cannot be more than 30 characters due to limits in other tables. A restriction is added in User admin page to limit the user id to 30 characters. Note, the table columns do accept 35 characters, and if creating users from other systems this could create a problem.

Work shift

Better handling of employee and manager. If a manager added data for own employment, sometimes, the previous open employee was used.

Upload of .docx files

If uploading .docx files to On the job training or travel expenses, the document was corrupt when downloading later. This is corrected. As a workaround it was possible to ask Word to correct the file.

SingleSignOn (SSO) and direct links

When using Single Sign On approach and links from tasks in email, there could be a problem with authentication if the user had not already opened SelfService and authenticated. This has now been corrected.

E-learning plugin

The possibility to hide completed courses from the plugin was missing from the new dashboard setup. This has now been added.

Changing project job when edit in Hour per Week

If changing a project job by choosing a favourite when editing hours in hours per week, the change was not applied. This has been corrected.