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2.7.0 Release Note


This document describes changes in OCS Self Service (SelfService) from version 2.6 to 2.7.
This version is created primarily for GDPR compliance, and includes some corrective measure to hinder unrestricted use of SelfService

Please note that this version requires the latest version of OCS HR – 22.02.

GDPR relevant


A lot of tables can be set up in OCS HR for audit. The changed by user in the audit should always reflect the user doing the change, but since OCS_SUPERVISOR is used as user for SelfService, audits must be handled specially from SelfService.
Audits have been reviewed, tested and changed if coming from SelfService. Audits on users and users access has been given extra attention.

Own access user report

The existing user report in reports  'User reports'  'Own Access report' has been extended to show users who has access to Me (me as a user), and also what kind of user group access those users has. The 'GDPR info' and 'Configure GDPR page' is added to the menu, but must be enabled first.

GDPR info page

An important part of the GDPR regulation is to inform the employee about what data is stored about the employee, why it is stored and who the data is shared with. The storing of the data also require a consent from the employee, and even though there is an indirect written consent when the user signs the employment contract, it could be useful to share and get new consent if there are some changes in what is stored.

Manage GDPR info page

The information shown on the employees GDPR info page is managed in Admin  'Manage GDPR info page'. Multiple info sections can be added, and each section can be shown to different sets of users based upon which user group the user is member of.
If the 'Enforce GDPR info page' is checked, the user cannot use other functions in SelfService before consent is given.
The 'Clear all agreement responses' will clear all previous given consents, and the employee must read the page again.

Create and save consent document

When the user accept the consent, it is possible to generate and save the consent document as pdf to the users documents. Before it is possible to enable this option, a document type must be setup in OCS HR  Basic data  Report  Document type
The document type must be created with category type = 'Consent'. If the user should be able to view the document in the Person data, document tab, remember to give code access to the newly created document type.
Edit/add section

Each section can be added with both English and Norwegian language. The description will be used as section heading on the info page.

GDPR info page

The user is redirected to the info page if the enforce is set, and must confirm .

After confirming, the save button is locked, and will only be enabled if consent is cleared. The user can export the consent to pdf at any time. If the 'Create and save consent document' is enabled, a pdf document will be uploaded the persons documents when consent is saved.
It is possible to view and export to Excel an overview of users who has confirmed/not confirmed from User admin.

Act-as functionality

The Act-as functionality has been changed to comply with GDPR. The act as button from Manage users has been removed, and instead a new functionality to request and approve act-as has been added. If the need to do operations on behalf of another user is needed on a daily basis, that access should be given either through standard access control or by assigning a deputy.

Request and give access

To be able to use the act-as functionality, a new page has been added to request and give access. A user can give access to another user directly, or accepting an act as request from another user. Every time a user is acting on your behalf, a log is created. The user must specify a reason for using the functionality.

The functionality is accessed from the menu

Available access is shown. Previous use is logged.


Request activity - Overlapping activities

When registering an activity request, there is a check to see if there is an existing activity of same code. That check has been changed to show overlapping of any activity.

Access privileges for Operations and PPE

The tabs for Operation and PPE in Personal Data shared the same privilege as used in Crew on Board, since they were the same functions. To allow the possibility to have different access in SelfService and COB, separate privileges have been added for SelfService.
To show the tabs, group access must be given to selected user groups.
Groups access

Function ID



ESS PersonalInfo Operationstab /
ESS PersonligeData Operasjonermappe

Function type


Function ID



ESS PersonalInfo PPE-tab/
ESS PPE-mappe

Function type


Function ID



MSS PersonalInfo Operationstab /
MSS PersonligeData Operasjonermappe

Function type


Function ID



MSS PersonalInfo PPE-tab/
MSS PPE-mappe

Function type


Hide course with free seats = 0

Courses (Class room, not e-learning) with 0 free seats are not available for self enrollment if parameter 'Hide courses with no capacity' is set to T(rue).
Settings | Setup | Properties


Course Administration


Hide courses with no capacity


T/F (true/false)


Import attachment to credit card transactions

The import of credit card transactions from Eurocard has been extended with import of attachments. Receipts delivered with attachment(s) will be directly attached to the expense item when importing a credit card transaction into a travel.
The import will handle attachment(s) as soon as those are delivered from Eurocard.

Items with attachment will have a paper clip

Various corrections/additions

Error log Expense app

If the expense app api has errors when fetching data, this is now saved to the standard log table, and can be viewed from Event Log.

Grid hide functionality

The functionality to hide columns in a grid crashed if the user clicked directly on the column if the column was sortable. Corrected

Competence request – Double request on Edge

When registering a competence request from browser Edge, 2 identical requests were created if the request was a change to an existing competence. Corrected.

Add activity – Select project from favourite

When adding an activity in MSS Activity, the pop-up window was closed if a project was selected from the favourite controller. Corrected.

Windows authentication, menu missing

If login was not redirected to the windows login page, the user was authenticated, but the menu was not loaded. Corrected.

Validate email on profile page

An email validator is added to change email on profile page. An invalid email address leads to messages not sent to user, so it is important that this email is correct.

Selected persons was remembered in Approve Hours

If searching for employees in MSS, the same set of employees should be available in all MSS pages. This was also the case when switching to Approve Hours. Since the set of employees are different when approving hours, this a different set of employees are used.