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Development Planning & Succession Software

Development planning & succession software is crucial for businesses looking to secure their long-term viability.

By identifying the critical positions within an organization and developing action plans for individuals to assume those roles, companies can ensure they have the right people in the right jobs today and in the years to come.

Utilizing development planning and succession software helps identify future staffing needs and the individuals with the necessary skills and potential to perform in these future roles. Investing in succession planning not only future-proofs your organization’s leadership and workforce but also demonstrates a commitment to employee development, growth, and retention. Don’t leave your company’s future to chance. Find out more about our development planning and succession software OCS HR.

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Development Planning & Succession Software

OCS HR Development Planning & Succession Module

Plan for the future - oversee employee development and succession.

Mintra’s OCS HR development planning and succession module is advanced HR functionality suitable for businesses of all sizes, to enable individual development, futureproof talent and secure continuity in key roles. The module allows businesses to set up organisational and individual development plans, manage the appraisal process and plan succession in key roles.

The solution enables employees to be assessed and mentored within their specific roles to support the overall workforce in reaching their developmental goals. Skillsets and competence can be matched with best-suited roles and high-performing individuals identified to create a succession pool for key positions.

The development planning and succession module is available as a standalone module and can be purchased in OCS HR. For implementation, the module requires OCS HR and OCS Self-Service. Find out more about OCS HR.

OCS HR Development Planning & Succession Module


  • Manage all activity within a single interface
  • Identify talent, deploy career and succession plans
  • Set up development plan templates for the organisation as well as the individual
  • Match employees to future projects or positions
  • Roll out and manage the appraisal process
  • Monitor and mentor employees to meet individual goals and targets

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Secure a pipeline of talent for key positions

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