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'Marketplace' is an exclusive area within Trainingportal where system users can gain access to an additional 80+ training providers and over 2,000 courses, including practical, classroom, and blended.


Open for Business

Marketplace was launched in Norway in 2010 with local training providers joining to share their courses on Trainingportal. Online training providers have been added with courses made available internationally and in 2020, UK and Danish Marketplaces were launched with new geographic practical and classroom course providers.

Research from the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) Report 2020 supports the Marketplace initiative. Of 21,000 energy professionals surveyed, 32% reported that they had no access to training in the last year, and 44% that their company doesn't regularly invest in training and development. With the choice available through Marketplace, there are development opportunities 24/7.

In addition to the research, our clients also communicated that 'We can't be locked down to just one provider', 'Training companies are typically trying to get you to sign an exclusive contract' and 'We have specialist providers which we need to continue using'. The flexibility of Marketplace means that you can have the simplicity of one contract and the flexibility to change providers.

Training Provider
Torbjorg Undem

'Marketplace has been very successful in the Norwegian market and we are looking to replicate this in other regions around the world. We will continue to take an agnostic view and offer our Trainingportal clients one central place where they can browse thousands of training courses, both physical and virtual.' "

Torbjørg Undem, Marketplace Manager

System Users Benefit

There are over 3,600 companies actively using Trainingportal, with more than 13,000 system administrators identifying and assigning courses. The marketplace is entirely agnostic and allows administrators the freedom to compare and choose their preferred provider, location, price, and course format. This can all be done from within their current Trainingportal, using their existing data and processes. All booking information and training events are recorded and consolidated into their secure Trainingportal database. System administrators have experienced 'greater selection and choice', 'central overview of staff competency', and 'easy accessibility and booking'.

Training Providers Benefit

Mintra is actively sourcing, evaluating, and integrating new partners into the Marketplace. These companies' products are made instantly visible to the buying capabilities of the system administrators on the Marketplace. For practical and classroom training companies, this becomes a new revenue channel, with companies experiencing 'greater reach' 'better visibility' and 'less administration'.

Training Provider Reviews

‘We have been using Marketplace for approximately 8 years now for the sale of eLearning courses. Our courses have been made easily available and accessible to a large number of users. and potential customers within the Oil and Gas Industry. As we don’t need to enroll users manually, we spend minimal time on administration and sales of eLearning.’

Henriette Aashaug, Consultant

‘It is known as a ‘meeting arena’ for reputable companies, both buyers and sellers of services. We started using Marketplace about 10 years ago to reach a larger market segment. Our ‘course packages’ are more visible and easy to access for current and potential new clients. Due to visibility and sales directly through Marketplace, we have experienced a decrease in administration. Overall a good experience with good support services.’

Jørn Tranvåg, CEO

‘Our clients asked us to be available on Marketplace, especially those from the Offshore industry. Since 2017 we have used the system for marketing our courses, increasing visibility, and attaining new clients. It has increased our customer base, which has given us extra participants on our classroom courses and helped with overall profitability. Marketplace enables us to store customer data, provides a better overview, and reduces administrative work.’

Veronika Kristin Stokke, Marketing Manager

Data Governance

Protecting user data is a key priority for Mintra and within our Trainingportal system, we have a robust framework in place to ensure this. Data Processing Agreements (DPA) are completed by all parties when joining the Marketplace and only essential information is shared at the required points of the process, safely and securely.

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