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Crew Rotation

In the maritime and offshore industries, crew rotation is one of the most important responsibilities of a crew manager.

Organising personnel from across the world to converge on a vessel at the right time and with the right mix of skills and competencies, it is literally like trying to hit a moving target. Crew managers are required to maintain a logistical overview of all the moving parts and, much of the time, deploy people in very challenging locations.

Last-minute changes to travel plans, delays, and shifting requirements, crew rotation involves specialist skills and high levels of flexibility. The logistics of crew rotation require around-the-clock support to ensure that vessels are manned correctly. The consequences of failure to provide the right crew are costly delays and hefty fines. Find out more about our crew rotation software OCS HR.

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Crew Rotation

OCS HR Planning & Rotation Module

OCS HR Planning & Rotation module is an essential tool for crew coordinators as well as rotation schedule planners.

The comprehensive feature gives all system managers full control and oversight of the scheduled location of the workforce. The module automates the crew management process and reduces time spent on registering activities and planning the manning of vessels.

The newly released scenario functionality supports the crew coordinators in developing potential future scenarios for crewing planning prior to implementation. This ensures the delivery of the most time and cost-efficient scheduling.

OCS HR Planning & Rotation Module


  • Complete view of all employee activities including annual leave, competencies, illness and sailing dates
  • Sailing plan adheres to predefined rotation patterns
  • Drag and drop function for planning and adjusting sailing periods
  • Schedules can be viewed by geographical
    location, single crew, vessel or by any other criteria
  • The quality control functionality ensures that all vessels are correctly manned
  • Schedules can be planned in advance and implemented with short notice

Experience the benefits

Save time

Bulk register the workforce

Accelerate deployment

Identify the most efficient crew rotation schedules

Reduce cost

Oversee all activities from a single interface


Ensure all vessels are adequately manned

Examples of views

The above example lists planned activities at the top and available personnel at the bottom. Team members can be ‘dragged and dropped’ to the activities to ensure compliance.

The example above shows a template for sailing plans, setting rotation patterns and entering periods.

The functionality used to complete searches for available personnel also shows competence status and the cost associated with each individual.

Manage crewing based on requirements, such as minimum safe manning.
Drag and drop suggested crew members holding required competence into the schedule.