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Crew Rotation

In the maritime industry, crew rotation is the most important responsibility of a crew manager. Organising personnel from across the world to converge on a vessel at the right time and with the right mix of skills and competencies, it is literally like trying to hit a moving target. Crew managers are required to maintain a logistical overview of all the moving parts and, much of the time, deploy people in very challenging locations.

Last-minute changes to travel plans, delays, and shifting requirements, crew rotation involves specialist skills and high levels of flexibility. The logistics of crew rotation require around the clock support to ensure that vessels are manned correctly. The consequences of failure to provide the right crew are costly delays and hefty fines. Find out more about our crew rotation software OCS HR.

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Crew Rotation
Crew Rotation

OCS HR Crew Rotation Software

Crew Rotation software caters to a range of shift patterns and simplifies the management of rotations by automating processes and providing a centralised overview with improved reporting functionality.

Workforce satisfaction, engagement, and productivity are improved with better shift allocation and fewer instances of human error.

OCS HR Crew on Board (COB) is an HR system aimed at covering the Master’s HR management needs.

COB meets the needs for crewing and the payroll application on board the vessel. This solution has a database on board and is not dependent on continuous online access. Data is replicated back and forth to the main HR database onshore when a connection is available, and the replication is built to suit low bandwidth requirements. The main purpose of the system is to streamline the ship officer’s administrative work tasks by offering a complete system that enables automation of work processes, is user-friendly, and has an intuitive design.