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Management Systems

A comprehensive range of management systems designed for safety-critical industries.

We develop and deploy solutions that enable our customers to develop and deploy their people, readily demonstrate compliance and maximise operational efficiency. Overland and sea, we have helped millions of workers stay safe, develop new skills and verify their competence.

Competency Management Systems

People are the greatest asset in any organisation, but they are also one of the greatest risks. In order to manage these risks, Mintra has created a Competency Management system.

Trainingportal not only provides learning management, it includes a Competency Management System (CMS) so that organisations can continuously review and evaluate their employees.

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Crew Rotation Software

In the maritime industry, crew rotation is the most important responsibility of a crew manager.

OCS HR Crew on Board (COB) is an HR system aimed at covering the Master’s HR management needs.

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Human Resource Software

Human Resources responsibilities continue to evolve and grow, and to manage the data and processes businesses opt to use a Human Resource Software.

OCS HR is the main module of our integrated HR Suite and is a complete crew management solution for complex business environments.

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Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an end-to-end software system that allows users to access their training and records in one place.

Our market-leading, cloud-based system, Trainingportal enables efficient delivery, management and reporting of workforce training and competence remotely and from one centralised solution.

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Learning Management Systems

Payroll Software

Payroll software manages the recurring process of employee payments, ensuring they are on time and in the required format.

The OCS HR suite has a comprehensive payroll module that enables the easy set-up and calculation of payroll for office-based and vessel-based employees.

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Talent Management System

A talent management system covers the recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management of a business’s employees.

Use the power of the OCS HR system to coordinate the entire talent management process. Set up training programs, define the required competence for positions and create workflows.

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Travel Management System

A travel management system provides planning, purchasing, and travel expense recording, centralizing data, and controlling expenditure.

OCS HR Travel Management uses crewing rotation plans and rig operation schedules to facilitate and manage travel arrangements in one integrated solution.

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