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Custom eLearning

Mintra has specialist content development teams with decades of experience in creating bespoke digital learning solutions.

As a global leader in learning technologies, Mintra offers a flexible, needs-driven, approach to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money, delivering solutions to suit all budgets, audiences and specifications.

A commitment to embracing advanced learning techniques and technologies is at the heart of our digital learning offering.

At Mintra, we focus on the latest innovations in learning technology and learner engagement to ensure we offer effective and engaging learning solutions.

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Learning Consultancy

Our learning consultants work with clients to create bespoke learning solutions that are tailor-made to meet your needs, regardless of the subject matter.

Whether your project is big or small, you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing offering, our team will work with you to:

  • Identify learning technologies and methodologies that suit your organisation and audience
  • Analyse existing training material and identify knowledge gaps
  • Deliver truly interactive and cost-effective learning experiences

Based on extensive knowledge of the industry, we know that not every project is the same. A multitude of different solutions and approaches are available and identifying the best way forward amid so many options can feel overwhelming.

Our team is here to listen to what you want and provide expert guidance to deliver a solution that works for you and your audience.

Learning Consultancy
Janet Donaldson

We look below the surface and consider what is the purpose of the learning. What do we want to achieve? Are we raising awareness? Are we building skills? Are we looking to change behaviour? Every course we develop is designed to solve a specific challenge or problem. "

Janet Donaldson, Learning & Development Director

Instructional Design

Our skilled instructional designers use their specialist knowledge in digital learning and adult education to help you create compelling content on any topic and for any audience.

Each project begins with an initial needs analysis to identify the:

  • The overall purpose of the training
  • Type of competence to be addressed
  • Learning need (the gap between the learner’s current competence and the level of competence required)
  • Target audience

The instructional designer’s role is to bring your ideas to life. Through the use of storytelling, scenarios, interactions and assessments, we can convert your processes, presentations or problems into effective, engaging and immersive learning solutions.

Our instructional designers expertly navigate technical materials to outline what is ‘need to know’ and ‘nice to know’ and then summarise those materials to deliver an outcome that will touch all learning bases with insight, imagination and intelligence.

Whether you want to update an outdated curriculum or create an entirely new product, by unifying expertise and experience, we develop products that engage learners. We capture their interest, provide relevant knowledge for their role and encourage them to perform to the best of their ability.

Instructional Design

Project Management & Learning Partnership

Our project managers are here to guide and support you through the entire development process. Their job is to make yours as easy as possible by providing a cost-effective and structured approach.

Working directly with your own subject matter experts, our project managers will ensure we deliver a product that meets all of your requirements - on time and within budget.

Project Management & Learning Partnership

User Experience & Visual Design

Grabbing the learner’s attention is a critical driver for learning retention. Our creative development team is focused on providing dynamic and intuitive design solutions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences for the learner.

Our team can produce custom illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, animations, video and 3D assets to enrich your content and transform complex material into relatable and easy-to-absorb information. They can also create stand-alone multimedia products and promotional materials to support the launch and rollout of a new asset.

We believe that people are the heart of every organisation. That’s why we don’t create solutions that simply tick boxes: we create content to engage, challenge, change behaviours and drive performance.

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User Experience & Visual Design

Motion Graphics

We have extensive experience in creating motion graphics - a method used to convey a message to the audience via dynamic components, such as text, visuals, music and voiceover. This combination can offer powerful and customised results specific to your requirements.

Whether that be within a bespoke course build or a stand-alone product, for example, a promotional, awareness, instructional, technical or product video, we take a focused approach in creating solutions unique to you. We create characters, scenes and graphics that represent your organisation to ensure learners are hooked from the minute they start the course.

George Denoon

There’s a perception that corporate eLearning = boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s my role to create engaging content that delivers the product’s learning objectives. "

George Denoon, Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Film Production

Video is one of the most effective tools for learning. We cater for all requirements and create videos on any subject matter, from a short piece to camera to full site induction. We have film crews operating globally that are qualified to film both onshore and offshore and that work within the requirements of local Covid-19 regulations.

We also have an in-house studio with green screen technologies that can create striking results when blended with our motion graphics capabilities.

3D Design & Animation

The use of 3D graphics allows your personnel to manipulate and interact with real-world objects. We can combine 3D geometry, motion graphics and filmed elements to create scenarios and a hands-on experience that really engage your learners.

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3D Design & Animation

Quality Assurance

We adhere to the strictest controls in ISO (and other standards) to demonstrate our commitment to quality and added value to our customers. Our quality standards and accreditations ensure that our people, processes, products and services are designed and maintained to the highest standards.

Our quality assurance team have a meticulous eye for detail. They are responsible for reviewing all of our products at each stage of the development process to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Before deployment, the team carries out rigorous in-house and industry-standard testing to ensure the learning solutions we deliver are not only compliant with SCORM or xAPI but best in class.

Quality Assurance
Simon Burrows

Mintra gains accreditations for the benefit of its customers. It shows our commitment to quality, to health and safety and to the accuracy of the information we provide. "

Simon Burrows, Quality Manager

Translation & Localisation

To ensure that our clients can provide effective learning solutions wherever needed, Mintra works with a talented team of native linguists to offer a smooth and faultless translation and localisation service.

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Translation & Localisation