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Payroll Outsourcing

Many businesses have outsourced services to more cost-effective regions of the world. At Mintra, we offer our customers Payroll outsourcing within the home market, ensuring relevant knowledge and close dialogue between you as the customer and us as the supplier.

Our knowledge is based on experience from a large number of companies in the sectors in which we operate and our consultants ensure the best possible use of OCS HR Payroll. This secures high levels of professionalism in the services we deliver.

We offer both payroll management and payroll preparedness services.

Payroll Outsourcing
payroll concentrate

Payroll Management

We can assume full responsibility for payroll administration and payments for our customers:

  • Large reductions in time, effort and resources used on administration
  • Continuity in delivery from a knowledgeable staff
  • Lower risk in relation to compliance with laws and regulations
  • Access to the specific competence required

By outsourcing these services, your organisation will for example avoid potential problems relating to holiday periods. Nor will your organisation have to scale up or down internally on the basis of activity. This ensures a flexible use of resources. As an independent, knowledgeable, and multi-faceted organisation we can offer cost-effective solutions using our experience and effective software systems. For more information about payroll outsourcing Contact Us.