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Reporting systems

Data reporting systems allow for the collection and formatting of raw data – statistics, facts and figures - from a variety of different sources. It translates the data into an understandable format, often in a visual representation such as a graph or chart in dashboard but it can also be presented as a text document or a spreadsheet.

Accurate data reporting plays an important role in business intelligence as it presents information in a clear format. Managers can use that information to make strategic decisions that affect operations, such as the need to increase staff in a certain department to maintain activity levels or to identify cycles of high and low productivity.

Reporting systems give a snapshot of current conditions and can also present historical data to show how a situation has changed over time. They provide insights that give managers confidence in the decision-making process.

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Reporting systems

OCS HR Insights

Insights is a data reporting tool that can be used in conjunction with Mintra’s human capital management (HCM) software. Using Microsoft Power BI, it visualises numerous data streams from crew management system OCS HR, consolidates the data and present it in a series of interactive dashboards.

It vastly reduces the time and resource required to manually extract and compile data from the system and users do not need to have any experience of OCS HR software. This makes the data accessible across all departments.

Insights currently has five standard reporting dashboards, with others under development:

  • Who is onboard: view who is on board each vessel on specific dates
  • Crew information: view past and present crew activity analytics
  • Full-time equivalent: view an analysis of the sailing days per year, vessel, rank and nationality
  • Monthly report – sail days: compare sailing days of the current year to previous years per vessel and rank
  • Sick leave: view the sick leave days per department, sickness type and rank

In addition to the five standard dashboards, it is possible to have custom dashboards created in line with specific business requirements. As a cloud-based tool, Insights allows users to stream business data in real time from any internet-enabled device.