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Our market-leading, cloud-based system enables efficient delivery, management, and reporting of remote workforce training and competence from one centralised solution.

Serving our clients since 1997, the system provides portals to more than 330 of our clients, including four of the top five energy companies in the world. Currently, 1.5 million workers from 3,600 companies are registered on Trainingportal, with a course is completed every 30 seconds.


More than an LMS

Trainingportal combines both an LMS and a CMS and can be integrated with existing HR and ERP systems. While many of our clients use both elements to bring all their workplace training and competency requirements together in a streamlined environment, the systems can be used separately, dependant on your requirements.

Robust & secure

The Trainingportal platform consists of several layers with fail-over and load balancing components. The data centre is a Tier 3 or higher secure environment and all facilities and processes are regularly tested.

A range of user authentication methods are available within Trainingportal, with automatic account lockout for failed attempts, profile verification, and forced password changing. Additionally, several system roles exist to control how managers and administrators can gain access to information. It is possible to create administrative accounts with all functionality and limit access to select user groups if required.


Course library

Trainingportal hosts a comprehensive and growing library of over 2,000 digital learning courses which amount to more than 1,800 hours of online learning content for industries, including energy, maritime and construction, where a safe and compliant workforce is critical.

Used in its entirety, Trainingportal allows organisations to define the requirements of all stakeholders involved in the learning journey on the road to competency, identify how those requirements will be met, implement the solution, and demonstrate fulfilment.

Portal options

Depending on your requirements we have Trainingportal configurations to suit your needs. A Standard Portal is perfect for clients who want an LMS to securely host and manage training courses. This type of portal is Mintra branded, with no customisation options, and with a set configuration across all companies using the system.

A Company Portal offers a range of customisation options and additional features. The portal is client-branded and the configuration can be tailored to your specific needs. Functionality can be turned on, opening additional features such as the Competency Module, Trainingportal Offline, and system integrations.

Standard portal

The Standard Portal configuration has numerous features to facilitate secure, efficient, and cost-effective training delivery. The system is easy to use and secure, with automated notifications, regular system updates, and a dedicated support team that maintain a 98% satisfaction rating.

Administrative efficiencies

Bulk import and register your employees into an organisational structure. Browse and purchase courses from the Mintra library within your portal, organise them into exams and curriculums. Choose to either bulk enrol your users onto the course or allow them to self-register.

The system allows employees to create and manage their own profiles, specific to their job roles, and take responsibility for progressing their own training. Simple traffic-light statuses and dashboards give a clear overview of progress and identify any required action.

Certificates are stored with the course within the ‘Completed Courses’ tab, making it easy for both users and administrators to access. All training information is stored in one place – it’s portable and can move with the user when they change jobs.

  • Responsive interface – employees can access and manage their training anytime, anywhere from their own device.
  • Expert support – our dedicated Trainingportal technical support team is always available for help.
  • Reports & analytics – information about student performance is recorded with the reports available for export. This allows for the tailoring of course delivery.
  • Search facility – all courses in Trainingportal are tagged and categorised so the right course can be found for the training need.
  • Booking system – courses can be booked and managed, with the ability for schedules and course information to be shared directly with attendees.
  • Security – Trainingportal is compliant with GDPR and administrators can securely import, manage, and share information about the company, user, and training records.
  • Course certificates – these can be generated in a standard format or your company’s own template and can be stored and distributed through Trainingportal.
  • Streamlined administration – the portal stores payment information and creates and sends invoicing information. It’s also possible for students to pay for courses by credit card.
  • Industry accreditation – Trainingportal is compliant with SCORM and AICC learning technology standards.

Further Information - Trainingportal

A Company Portal adds to the Standard configuration with customisation, greater control and expansion options to grow with the needs of your organisation. You can develop your Trainingportal platform to meet your specific requirements and for integration with an HR or ERP system.

Company Portals allow branding, with your logo and colours added to the interface along with your own in-house and 3rd party training courses for a completely white-label experience.

Heightened security

Enhanced access and security features, with single sign-on, two-factor authentication and the ability to set a bespoke password policy.

Self-registration can be activated on a Company Portal to allow Students to create their own profile and enrol on available courses, rather than relying upon company administrators to perform the task on their behalf. This functionality can be password protected to restrict access along with the Organisation Units which individuals can add themselves so that only certain units can be selected.

  • Branded Materials – Trainingportal courses can be branded to display your company’s logo and in line with brand guidelines.
  • Bespoke Courses – the portal has built-in authoring tools that allow organisations to create their own courses by importing videos and converting PowerPoints.
  • Learning Development – there is support for setting up exams and pre-learning tests that can be used alone or together with other training activities.
  • CV Module – this module allows an administrator to view and edit a user’s CV. The CV is automatically updated when the administrator agrees that courses have been completed and competencies reached.
  • Notifications – receive notifications, such as course sign-up, training completion and refresher training, about a user’s learning journey, and decide who receives them.
  • Create Surveys – assess how users feel about the effectiveness of courses and which create the greatest benefits

Many of our clients with Company Portals choose to have a separate contractor branded portal for specific projects. This option gives greater control over how information is shared between companies working together.

  • Course Records – ensure that external contractors have the required competencies to deliver services to your organisation.
  • Flexible Learning – share internal and external courses and documentation for completion.
  • Time Efficient – contractors can use the portal to administrate their own training to reduce the time required by your organisation in supporting this function.

We have deep knowledge of the challenges that our clients face and are committed to delivering best in class solutions. Trainingportal Offline has been developed specifically with the offshore environment in mind. Only 10% of ship crews have internet connectivity, so it can be difficult to access training courses, especially those with lots of animation or video.

Our unique solution for resolving the issues with delivering eLearning training in remote areas, where connectivity is inconsistent, and bandwidth is limited is called Trainingportal Offline.

Trainingportal Offline allows courses to be downloaded from a server during periods of connectivity and then completed at any time. Information required by administrators is then synchronised when internet access is available, and training records updated.

A locally installed application that records activity whilst a connection is unavailable and then updates the master Trainingportal once the connection is restored. This ensures that the solution is always available on the vessel and that data is maintained within a single source.

Trainingportal Offline is software only and can be deployed on existing hardware, alongside existing applications. The installation has a very small IT footprint and does not require dedicated or specialised hardware. Only a single installation is needed per remote site.

Trainingportal has an interface that enables integration with ERP or HR systems, allowing for automatic exchange of information such as a customer’s Active Directory to update User profiles, Integrations can also export data from Trainingportal into other external systems and Mintra can provide consultancy services to create these with the client's technical team.

Trainingportal not only provides learning management, it includes a Competency Management System (CMS) so that organisations can continuously review and evaluate their employees.

It allows an organisation to identify all the activities that need to be done in the course of its operations, as well as the competencies and skills that are required by employees in order to perform their role to the required standard.

It enables an organisation to analyse all the competencies that are available within the current workforce, highlights where there are gaps in skillsets and then identifies the training that is necessary to ensure overall workforce competence.

A CMS is typically linked to an LMS but has an entirely different purpose. Where an LMS is focussed on developing and verifying knowledge, a CMS includes defined competency levels and identifies the required individual competencies. The LMS and the CMS can exist independently of each other but make perfect partners when used together to create a safe and competent workforce.

Different organisations – regulatory bodies, your organisation and your clients – will all have different requirements in terms of workforce competency, and these requirements form the basis of the competencies linked to an individual’s role. All this information is stored in the Trainingportal competency dashboard.

It holds details on specific industry regulations and refresher intervals, so alerts are made when training is required. Users can be assigned roles as assessors or verifiers, and the system allows for communication between those two roles.

A range of competency evidence can be uploaded, such as videos, documents and images to support an individual’s competency profile. The competency dashboard and reports present the data in a way that is straightforward and easily comprehensible for all users.

Marketplace is additional functionality available in Trainingportal and a one-stop-shop for training that expands your course options. With benefits for learners, organisations and course providers, Marketplace is an agnostic approach to training provision and provides greater choice and comparison information at your fingertips.

Administrators can gain access to and browse over 2,000 additional digital learning and classroom-based courses from up to 100 different providers. Administrators simply select the course title, their preferred format, location and provider. Purchasing, course assignments, completions and certificates are stored on your Portal, no matter which provider you choose. The Marketplace has been open for business in Norway since 2010 in Norway and was launched in the UK and Denmark in 2020.

"Employees feel empowered to plan their development requirements around their work and leave schedules giving them greater control over their work/life balance than they previously had when we did not have an automated system.

With only two internal resources we are able to manage the training needs of a workforce of more than 600 people. Needless to say, we consider this effective as it allows us to focus our resources elsewhere in the business and the economic benefits are considerable."

Duncan Palmer, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Prosafe.

“The combination of generic off the shelf courses and tailored training that we developed in cooperation with Mintra, together with other suppliers’ eLearning published through Trainingportal, represented a much better way of organising our competency and training work. Mintra understands our challenges and the industries we operate in. That is important if you want to be something more than a supplier."

Vegar Bekken Competency Advisor in Teekay Offshore Production

“Today’s number of active users is about 500 but we have managed close to 700. We manage and keep track of 45 courses on an average per user, both online, classroom and practical. The system helps us keep track of completions, expiries, and to manage the certificates we extend. We keep track of competence checklists that are approved by assigned assessors, per position and per each of our offshore platforms. And we extend this offer to our third parties and their employees, making sure training of all rig personnel is safely taken care of.”

Manuel Leyva, Director of Education at Oro Negro