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Accelerate your learning
with Extended Reality (XR)

With the latest in XR functionality, Trainingportal customers are now able to maximise learning performance through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) training.

Build on the foundation of Trainingportal’s learning and competence modules by creating virtual environments tailored to your specific workplace needs.

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Run classes in VR and AR environments

Deliver real-time sessions and interact with users live via messaging and audio. 360-degree virtual environments enable instructors and learners to interact remotely and enjoy a fully immersive, collaborative learning experience.

Remote assessments

Combine the power of Trainingportal’s competence module with immersive XR environments to carry out remote, detailed assessments. With 360°-views, assessors can monitor learners performing tasks completely remotely and communicate with them in real-time.

Unlock the benefits of XR

Accelerate training

VR learners train 4x faster compared to classroom training

Increase knowledge retention

XR learning has been shown to improve knowledge retention by up to 80%

Lower costs

XR greatly lowers learning operational and travel costs

Reduce carbon footprint

Less travel helps significantly reduce the environmental impact of your training activities