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Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an end-to-end software system that allows users to access their training and records in one place. Users can log into the system to select and participate in training courses, whether it be an industry standard or soft skill.

Digitalisation is changing learning and how we learn, with 89% of organisations now incorporating digital learning into their training provision. We now have five generations in the workplace, each with their own communication preferences and expectations. Businesses need to adapt to attract and maintain a generation who expect instant information and 24/7 connectivity. An LMS must cater for all these generations equally, be user-friendly and intuitive.

An LMS is a secure, cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining and evidencing competence – and doing so with consistency - while saving operational time and budget on training elements that do not require face-to-face interaction. In addition to storing and delivering the course content, the LMS acts as an administration function. It tracks, records and reports how users perform and stores that information within the system. It allows the individual to learn at their own pace and without feeling pressured to keep up with others. Find out more about our learning management system Trainingportal.

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Learning Management Systems

Tangible benefits

The efficiency benefits of using an LMS are clear and tangible. Companies experience a 35% increase in the volume of learning, with the ability to provide instant, consistent and simultaneous rollout across a global workforce. They also report a 38% reduction in course time and a 25% reduction in costs with no expenses, travel time or instructors.

35% more volume

38% less time

25% less cost

Distribution & Access

LMSs are an integral part of digital learning delivery and are particularly effective with large and widely distributed workforces. From a central location, training materials can be assigned and accessed online, from anywhere and anytime. Course interactions, progress and assessments are tracked for real-time visibility of candidate performance and reporting.

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Trainingportal Learning Management System

Our market-leading, cloud-based system, Trainingportal, enables efficient delivery, management and reporting of workforce training and competence remotely and from one centralised solution. Serving our clients since 1997, the system provides portals to more than 330 of our clients, including four of the top five Energy companies in the world. Currently, 1.7 million workers from 3,600 companies are registered on Trainingportal, with a course being completed every 30 seconds.

More than an LMS - Trainingportal combines both an LMS and a CMS and can be integrated with existing HR and ERP systems. While many of our clients use both elements to bring all their workplace training and competency requirements together in a streamlined environment, the systems can be used separately, dependant on your requirements.

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