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Reporting Insights

Better data reporting, better business decisions

Business data is critical in helping to inform strategy, but the sheer volume of data produced from HCM systems can be overwhelming.

Do you find it hard to identify relevant information from your data?

Is it difficult to collate information from multiple systems?

Are you allocating too much time and resource towards data reporting?

How can insights help?

Insights has been created to help organisations collect, consolidate and present business-critical information.


Visualise your data in a series of intuitive and interactive Power BI dashboards

Simple to use

No need for training on HCM software – Insights can be used by anyone in an organisation


Cloud-based system allows you to stream current business data at any time and on any device


Mintra’s experts can create custom dashboards and real-time reporting for your organisation


Do you want to know more about Insights and how it can help your business make better decisions?


  • What is Insights?

    Insights is a product developed by Mintra that can help you make strategic decisions by analysing historical and current data about your business. Insights collects, consolidates and presents large data sets in intuitive and interactive Power BI dashboards.

  • What are the benefits of Insights?

    Insights provides three main benefits:

    • Visibility - your data is presented in powerful, visually stimulating dashboards which can be shared across the business
    • Accessibility - you can stream your business data in real time, anywhere and on any device
    • Simplicity - it instantly connects and reports on multiple data streams

    Insights also saves time and resource as it reduces the administrative burden of manually extracting, collating and reporting on data that is needed to inform business-critical decisions.

  • Who is Insights for?

    This product is currently offered to our OCS HR customers.

  • What is the difference between Insights solution and the reporting tool in OCS HR?

    The OCS HR reporting tool allows you to export large volumes of data which need to be processed and analysed manually, whereas Insights processes, transforms and presents the data in structured and interactive dashboards.

  • What information is contained in the dashboards?

    Insights comes with five standard reporting dashboards

    • Who is Onboard - view who is on board each vessel on specific dates
    • Crew Information - view past and present crew activity analytics
    • Full-time Equivalent - view an analysis of the sailing days per year, vessel, rank and nationality
    • Monthly Report Sail Days - compare sailing days of the current year to previous years per vessel and rank
    • Sick Leave - view the sick leave days per department, sickness type and rank
  • Can you develop customised dashboards for my organisation?

    Bespoke dashboards can be developed for your organisation and an additional development cost will be applied. A subscription for Insights is required for customised dashboards.

  • Can I share the dashboards with other people in my organisation?

    You can share the dashboards with users who have access to OCS HR and OCS HR Self Service.

  • How do I access Insights?

    This solution is cloud based and is hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud platform in North Europe. It is possible to connect to Insights anytime, anywhere and on any internet-enabled device.

  • What are the technical requirements for an Insights subscription?

    You must meet the following prerequisites:

    • OCS HR V26.00.00 (or newer) should be installed on your server
    • OCS Service V3.5.01 (or newer) should be installed on your server
    • Microsoft 365 tenant
    • A Power BI Pro subscription for any user with access to the reports
    • An internet connection
  • Do I need to have a subscription with Microsoft for a Power BI license?

    Yes, a separate subscription with Microsoft is needed for a Power BI Pro license.

  • How do I subscribe to Insights?

    Your key account manager will submit your subscription request. Our technical team will then contact you to verify that all technical requirements have been met and to arrange the service installation.

  • How can I receive more information about the product and for any future updates?

    Your key account manager will assist you with any enquiries and provide information on new releases. You will periodically receive a newsletter via email to keep you updated with any new and upcoming developments.