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Frequently asked questions and guides on how to shop our online courses

Our online shop is an automated process, specifically designed for individuals and small groups requiring 24/7, fast and easy access to eLearning courses and certificates.

How to Guides

  • Searching our online courses shop
  • Purchasing courses for yourself
  • Purchasing and assigning courses for other people
  • Using discount codes
  • Adding a PO reference number
  • Customer account login
  • Accessing your eLearning courses
  • Accessing course certificates
  • Accessing VAT receipts

General FAQ's

Online Shop General FAQ's

  • Can I purchase courses on behalf of other people?

    Yes, simply add the number of courses required to your basket and at checkout, you will be asked if the courses are for you or others.

    By selecting others, you will be able to input the names and email addresses of the individuals whom the courses are to be assigned.

    Each learner will be sent an email with their course access details and their certificate upon completion of the course. Please note, that this can take up to 30 minutes.

    Customers can also access course links and certificates from the 'Courses & Certificates' tab in their account.

  • I haven’t received an email to access the course?

    We make every effort to ensure that emails are delivered to your inbox, but if you do not see the email from within a few minutes, please check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder.

    Customers can also access course links from the 'Courses & Certificates' tab in their account.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    Either a month or a year depending on the license purchased. provides two license options.

    All courses have a '365-day' license option which gives the learner a full year to access and complete the course.

    Selected courses also have a discounted '30-day' license option for learners who only require a month to access and complete the course.

  • What equipment do I need to run the course?

    Our online courses are compatible with most mainstream tablets, desktops and laptop computers.

    As our courses contain spoken text, sound will need to be enabled through speakers or headphones.

    Internet access of 300Kb/sec speeds or higher is recommended. To check internet access speeds, visit

  • Can I leave feedback on my experience?

    Yes, you will receive a short Feefo feedback survey in the days after your purchase where you can provide a review of both the product and service you have received.

    Our reviews are publicly accessible and can be viewed here.

  • What happens if I leave the course before completing?

    That's no problem. Your progress in the course is automatically bookmarked for when you return.

  • How many attempts do I get to pass a course?

    The number of attempts and pass mark varies for each course and is provided in the course information.

  • How do I access my certificate?

    On course completion, the learner is automatically emailed a copy of their certificate.

    Customers can also download copies of all their certificates from the 'Courses & Certificates' tab in their account.

  • How do I get a copy of my VAT receipt?

    You can download copies of all your receipts from the 'Orders' tab in your account.

OPITO Courses FAQ's

  • I haven’t received my OPITO certificate yet?

    For our OPITO approved courses, such as IMIST and Authorised Gas Tester Training, a further level of verification is required. For Mintra to be able to process the certificate, ID must be sent to our learning Centre. If you have sent this to the Learning Centre, and completed the course but are yet to receive your certificate, please contact

  • I don’t know if I have a vantage number?

    If you have previously done any OPITO training, you will have a vantage number. To get a copy of this, you can contact OPITO. You need to input your vantage number during the checkout process for MIST as this is how the license is registered to you.

  • Can I do MIST online?

    If you have been offshore before and have a vantage number OR you have done the MIST classroom course you are able to do the MIST Online course.

    MIST FAQ's

  • How long after my MIST has lapsed do I get to renew it?

    Because MIST has been previously completed, you are able to sit the MIST online when it is convenient to you. Please note, if your certificate is due to lapse while offshore, please check with your operator.

    MIST FAQ's

  • My MIST certificate is expiring soon, can I renew it early?

    Existing MIST certificates can be renewed up to three months in advance of the expiry date. The new MIST certificate will be valid for four years from the previous expiry date.