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Mintra Celebrates International Women’s Day

08 / 03 / 2024

As we unite to celebrate International Women's Day, Mintra proudly reiterates our unwavering commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the incredible women within the Mintra team. Thank you for your invaluable contributions!

We're not just about building a team; we're cultivating a space where every unique background adds to the vibrant tapestry of our workplace.

Mintra's Aprille Reyes, Daisy Evans & Kelly White

Our Global People & Culture Director, Amy Reid, highlights this commitment to EDI: “It's not just words but actions that matter. We're on a journey of continuous improvement, striving for fair and equal treatment across the board. Diversity isn't just welcomed; it's cherished. We believe in the power of different perspectives, seeing them as the seeds for innovation and the energy for our growth.”

In 2023, we proudly joined WISTA Norway’s ‘40 by 30’ pledge, fuelling our commitment to gender equality. By 2030, we're striving for 40% women in leadership positions in our maritime family.

Mintra's Siren Berge, Amy Reid & Emmanolia Kolias

We recognize that achieving a genuinely diverse workforce requires intentional efforts and strategies. Here are some of our initiatives:

  • Fair Wages for All: We're conducting pay equity reviews to ensure that our Mintra family members are valued with fair compensation.
  • Richer Together: Our doors are wide open to a diverse pool of candidates, making our team even more vibrant and rich with varied experiences.
  • Bias-Free Zone: We're tackling Unconscious Bias head-on through training and awareness. Our goal? A workplace that's as inclusive as your favourite family gathering.
  • Data-Driven Progress: Gathering, reporting, and acting on EDI data are our compass. It guides our strategies and measures our journey towards a more inclusive tomorrow.
Mintra's Erle Kristin Wagle, Jorunn Eldoy & Mai-Linn Spigseth

Our CEO, Kevin Short, adds, ‘We know there's much work to be done, but our aim remains very clear: to attract and develop individuals with exceptional talents, abilities and potential. We're dedicated to creating a collaborative environment conducive to professional growth and personal development.’

This International Women's Day, we celebrate our progress and look forward to the journey ahead. Our determination to increase diversity across our workforce is stronger than ever and we're excited for the future we're building together.