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SMART4SEA Athens Forum 2024



We are thrilled to announce Mintra's participation in the upcoming SMART4SEA Athens Forum, on February 13th. Mintra’s Project Manager and Instructional Designer, Marvin Bielek, will be presenting on the important role of immersive training solutions.

Wednesday 13th of February

9:00 – 13:30, Bookcastle of the National Library of Greece at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Athens, Greece.

Bridging the Competence Gap: Empowering Seafarers through Immersive Training Solutions

This presentation explores the crucial role immersive training plays in bridging the 'competence gap' created by the growing number of new maritime technologies and regulations. It emphasises how this strategic training approach not only addresses these challenges but also provides practical and effective solutions, advancing seafarers' safety, operational efficiency and profitability.

About Marvin

A nautical officer with a passion for navigational safety, Marvin Bielek joined Mintra in 2014 as an instructional learning designer and project manager. Marvin is constantly looking for new ways to increase training efficiency and knowledge retention. Starting as a licenced ECDIS trainer, he has a strong interest in how modern bridge infrastructure and technology can serve the navigation officers and the overall safety of the vessel. He is also a proud member of Young Ship Cyprus, a member of the Learning and Performance Institute, the Nautical Institute and a recent MBA in Shipping graduate.