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Mintra delivers at Smart4Sea Athens Forum 2023

A competent crew means an effective crew, an effective crew means efficient operations, efficient operations mean safety onboard and streamlined processes which translates to a fulfilled and happy crew, and all together can mean increased profits for the organisation.

Valentinos Steliou, Innovation Director, Mintra.

The maritime industry is currently at a turning point, with innovation and digitalisation driving the way forward. At the recent Smart4Sea Athens Forum 2023, Mintra brought to the audience the seafarer of the future, giving insight into how maritime workers are set to benefit from advances in maritime technology.

Mintra's Innovation Director, Valentinos Steliou, provided an overview of changes and opportunities on the horizon for maritime workers and companies alike. Valentinos highlighted that it is crucial for crew managers to have a scalable and most of all adaptable infrastructure around technical training so that they can focus on the continuous development of the non-technical skills, to develop an inclusive and a well-rounded crew.

He explained that in addition to increased efficiency and safety, digital technologies offer maritime personnel new avenues and higher transparency for career growth and development. With crew managers having access to real-time data analytics and smart technology decision-making tools, everyone can stay up to date with industry developments and gain skills which further personnel’s career progression.

“Let’s deliver for our seafarers of tomorrow and drive our industry toward its future,” Valentinos Steliou, Innovation Director, Mintra. "

Valentinos Steliou, Innovation Director
Valentinos steliou photo circle

How do we get there:

  1. Impactful and relevant training
  2. Visibility and transparency of career path and development
  3. Smart technology

We see now that the technology in our industry is accelerating, unpredicted and unprecedent.

Our global workforce is undergoing now a massive technological shift which has been called the fourth industrial revolution, nearly 1/3 of the skills we will have in 2025 related to technology have not even been conceived today.

The tech evolution in our industry in 2021 was at 70% in relation to all the industries with global impact, where after covid it’s at 160% higher than those industries. We are running towards adopting those future technologies.

The development of the next generation of seafarers calls for tools beyond the best tools we have today.

Let’s deliver for our seafarers of tomorrow and drive our industry toward its future.

Mintra's Innovation Director Valentinos Steliou at Smart4Sea Athens Forum 2023