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Strategic partnership with ARuVR to transform learning across safety-critical sectors

13 / 06 / 2023

By providing ARuVR’s Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platform and solutions, Mintra customers will benefit from access to immersive and risk-free training, regardless of where they happen to be in the world. ARuVR’s product seamlessly integrates with Trainingportal, Mintra’s industry-leading learning and competence management system.

The combined ARuVR and Mintra proposition blends both theory and practice, giving learners knowledge through eLearning and then practical application within an immersive experience. This powerful combination increases learning absorption, engagement and satisfaction as well as improves knowledge retention. The result is a learner better equipped for the realities of working safely in hazardous environments. In addition to the improvements in workforce knowledge and awareness, businesses also benefit from efficiencies in reduced training time, travel costs and carbon footprint.

ARuVR solves many of the previous barriers to the widespread adoption and deployment of AR and VR training, by allowing code-free content generation, live real-time and interactive streaming and is fully cross-compatible across mobile, tablet, desktop and XR devices. ARuVR's patented platform allows trainers to simultaneously connect with multiple trainees anywhere in the world.

Blended and virtual learning is considered critical to the digital transformation goals of the maritime and energy industries to not only attract and retain talent, increase user satisfaction and improve engagement rates, but to safely and efficiently upskill and re-skill the existing workforce.

Kevin Short, CEO, Mintra, said, “The partnership with ARuVR gives Mintra a strategic advantage to support our growing global customer base with a leading technology solution which will play an integral part in our blended learning solution going forward. The team at ARuVR has developed a platform which fits perfectly with Mintra’s strategic vision."

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®, said, “Safety-critical and highly regulated industries are embracing training solutions to reduce training risk, drive efficiency and raise standards. Mintra has recognised that our AR and VR platform is the obvious next evolution of training and we look forward to developing this strategic partnership further.”

Siren Berge, CTO, Mintra, said, “At a time when the maritime and energy industries are going through a huge change, it’s important that multi-format compliant training solutions keep pace. The partnership with ARuVR enables Mintra to support our customers with a solution which enriches the training experience while at the same time reduces risk and increases efficiency.”

ARuVR counts leading enterprises including; Aramco, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Bapco, Royal Air Force, Five Guys, ScotRail, NEOM, TechnipFMC, Eneco and PWC among a rapidly growing international customer base who are transforming the way training is delivered.

About ARuVR®

ARuVR® is the world’s first end-to-end scalable turnkey Extended Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) solution for enterprises and public sector organisations. ARuVR® suite of multi-award-winning products enable in-house teams to quickly and easily create, distribute, analyse and manage both on-demand and instructor-led immersive, interactive training experiences - in order to develop new skills and better communicate and collaborate across the organisation.