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Celebrating Marvin's Bieleks Appointment as Press & Media Secretary for YoungShip Cyprus

At Mintra, we're so much more than just a team—we're a force driving innovation and excellence in maritime training across Europe. With our staff spread far and wide, managing the crucial training needs of a 2.5 million-strong seafaring workforce, we embody a spirit of constant movement and progress.

What sets our team apart is their passion for the maritime industry, extending far beyond the confines of our office walls. Many of us have the sea in our blood, with ties to seafaring families, coastal living, or personal experiences as mariners. This passion fuels our drive to learn, connect, and strive for a better future for our industry. As a business, we are proud of this dedication and the many institutes and maritime bodies that our team are members of. After all, as renowned naval officer Grace Hopper once said:

"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."

Progress is made outside of the harbour walls.

Marvin Bielek's election as YoungShip, Cyprus' Press and Media Secretary underscores his dedication to maritime growth and networking excellence. Congratulations on this achievement! "

Mintra's Project Manager and Instructional Designer, Marvin Bielek.

That's why we're thrilled to share the exciting news that Marvin Bielek our Project Manager and Instructional Designer, has just been elected as Press and Media Secretary for YoungShip, Cyprus. YoungShip is a vital non-profit organisation for young professionals in the maritime industry, offering opportunities for skill development, knowledge enhancement, and professional networking in 37 cities worldwide.

Marvin has been an active member of YoungShip since relocating to Cyprus in 2018, as an expat eager to connect with the local shipping industry. Over the years, he has embraced the organisation's mission, actively participating in events, networking opportunities, and industry discussions. His commitment to continuous learning and development has been evident through his engagement in industry events such as Maritime Cyprus and Safety4Sea Limassol forum,

where he has connected with thought leaders and expanded his professional network. With a background in nautical sciences and first-hand experience as a seafarer, Marvin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. His dedication to industry developments, coupled with his technical proficiency as an instructional designer at Mintra, positions him as a valuable asset to YoungShip Cyprus. His international perspective and commitment to continuous education also perfectly align with the organisation's goals of promoting knowledge exchange and professional development within the maritime industry.

As Marvin embarks on this new chapter, we at Mintra couldn't be more thrilled for him. We look forward to seeing how his passion for the maritime industry unfolds in his role as Press and Media Secretary over the next two years.

We couldn't mention YoungShip without also tilting our hat to Silje Opsal, Account Manager and valued member of our Oslo office, who has been an active member of YoungShip Oslo and Bergen since 2022. Through her efforts, we are proud to sponsor ShipCon 24 in Oslo, Norway, on the 20th-22nd August 2024. It promises to be an enriching experience, and we anticipate insightful presentations and conversations.