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Trainingportal, a “Must Have” when Managing Competence and Training Offshore

15 / 05 / 2017

Trainingportal from Mintra has been crucial in course development, training and competence management for Oro Negro and several of our partners. "It enables us to handle risk, knowledge and competence in a compliant and practical way," said Manuel Leyva, director of education.

Oro Negro was established in 2012 with Mexican national oil company Pemex as its only client. The company now owns and operates 5 rigs on behalf of Pemex, providing both exploration and drilling, with more contracts to be signed in the future.

The ambition is to become a leading player in the Mexican oil services industry by offering integrated services and tailored solutions to Pemex, both through acquisition of companies with existing contracts and through acquisition of state-of-the-art assets.

Maintaining high standards

Mr Leyva joined Oro Negro in 2014, at a time when the company’s use of Trainingportal was still in its infancy.

He said: "My focus has been split between two primary tasks. With a brilliant, international team in place, Oro Negro had to shift gears and tailor operations, including training and competence management, to the Mexican market. We have developed courses and updated both course text and images of previously owned courses to fit Mexican terms and context, making sure we comply with all safety and HSE-regulations.

"At the same time, we have implemented Trainingportal functionality in order to streamline course development, competence administration and training. During this period we have seen a substantial decline in oil prices, exploration and drilling all over the world. This has made it even more obvious for me that a high quality system, covering our needs efficiently, is necessary to maintain high standards and cut costs at the same time.

Trainingportal from Mintra empowers Oro Negro and 700 users, managing 45 courses each. With over 150 in-house eLearning items, it's efficient, adaptable, and essential. "

Manuel Leyva, Director of Education at Oro Negro.
Manuel Leyva Director of Education at Oro Negro small

Keeping track of training and competence

"Today’s number of active users is about 500, but we have managed close to 700. We manage and keep track of 45 courses on an average per user, both online, classroom and practical. The system helps us keep track of completions, expiries and to manage the certificates we extend. We keep track of competence checklists that are approved by assigned assessors, per position and per each of our offshore platforms. And we extend this offer to our third parties and their employees, making sure training of all rig personnel is safely taken care.

At present we have developed more than 150 eLearning items in-house, including course content, question banks, and simulations in English and Spanish. And the capability to easily upload developed content to the Trainingportal ourselves is a huge advantage. The same goes for the billing structure – pay per system – in which we are not limited by the number of users, and the Trainingportal offline capabilities. Since our offshore platforms operate with very limited internet broadband, this allows our personnel to complete courses while on their offshore downtime.

Excellent working relationship

"To operate efficiently in the current market and adapt to a new situation, we at Oro Negro have been forced to rethink and redesign the way we work. This also puts high demands on our partners and the solutions they provide. Our working relationship with Mintra is part of the reason why the Trainingportal serves us so well, together with the functionality which makes it easy and intuitive to organise training and administrate competence for hundreds of employees."

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