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Mintra introduces new digital learning authoring tool

Paul Munro

Our focus remains on delivering impactful, agile and versatile solutions. "

Paul Munro, Innovation Director, Mintra.

Mintra customers are now able to benefit from an intuitive eLearning authoring tool to simplify knowledge sharing across organisations and fuel employee-generated learning.

The integration of award-winning authoring tool Easygenerator with Mintra’s learning and competence management system Trainingportal allows customers to publish their own content with ease.

The combination of two leading technologies bring to market a best-in-class offering,

including key Trainingportal functionality such as automated alerts, certificates and reports. Customers can now monitor the success of their authored content with ease.

Easygenerator’s authoring tool presents an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, text-to-speech and voiceover capabilities, auto-translation to 75 languages, and an AI-powered writing assistant, among other features. The user-friendly application allows Mintra’s clients to retain and disseminate valuable knowledge by developing SCORM compliant courses which can be uploaded to Mintra’s learning management system Trainingportal.

Kasper 2 zoom2

Mintra’s Trainingportal and Easygenerator. Both companies share similar visions and beliefs, leading to two highly complementary tools "

Kasper Spiro, Co-founder and Chief Learning Strategist, Easygenerator.

Mintra customers and their learners can access authored content and download certificates from mobile devices with the Trainingportal app as well as in areas of low connectivity with Trainingportal Offline.

Easygenerator is a fast-growing award-winning technology which helps subject matter experts (SMEs) create digital learning and performance content. Having SMEs create content is faster and cheaper than relying on a central, learning, department. But more importantly, it is the only way to keep content up to date. Easygenerator calls this Employee-Generated Learning.

The new authoring tool is available for all existing and new Mintra clients. Learn about Easygenerator today.