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Safety zone eLearning helps reduce unsafe behaviours

21 / 09 / 2022

The offshore industry relies on support vessels for the provision of supplies and services. Unfortunately, whenever vessels are required to enter an installation’s 500-metre zone, the risk of collision increases. One of the most common causes identified by investigations into marine collision and allision incidents is a failure by vessels to adhere to the installation’s safety procedures.

Mintra's client, a Global Oil Contractor with considerable expertise in marine safety, wanted to apply a proactive approach to ensure that each vessel requesting entry to their 500-metre zone prior to departure was aware of the marine operating procedure and actions.

The Challenge:

The client approached Mintra to replace a labour-intensive process for both installation and vessel crews with a succinct and engaging eLearning course. The global oil contractor needed to extract ‘need to know’ information from several location and installation-specific procedures and provide one overarching process, applicable to all sites. It was necessary to incorporate a built-in functionality capable of providing evidence that the course had been completed successfully. As well as creating a package which could be run offline on vessels with limited internet connectivity and storage space.

The Solution:

Mintra's instructional designers worked closely with the SME to create a short, easy-to-understand and interactive script which detailed the critical aspects vessel crew need to be aware of when: approaching, entering conducting operations in or leaving the safety zone. Experts in creating innovative solutions which work in the toughest of conditions, our developers built a product which could be run offline without compromising quality and that was small enough to be sent to vessels via email or a portable device. They also introduced functionality within the course which allowed users to create a bespoke certificate that could be sent to the client as evidence of successful completion.


‘It was a very smooth process from conception to the finished product. Mintra’s team were well attuned to the needs of our business and able to translate our initial ideas into an excellent final solution.’

Global Oil Contractor, Marine Technical Authority

The Results:

Since its introduction, Mintra's client has experienced a significant reduction in unsafe behaviours. They have also noticed an increase in vessels complying with the requirements of procedures when experiencing difficulties without the need for installation intervention. Due to the success of the product, the client has shared the content with several of their counterparts and the Marine Safety Forum as an example of best practice. They also re-engaged Mintra's services to expand the suite and develop a Marine Responsible Person and Marine Awareness course. Visit our website for a full list of Mintra eLearning courses

‘We are always thrilled to receive excellent feedback from our clients.’

Lesley Bloice, Instructional Design Manager

Lesley Bloice, Instructional Design Manager at Mintra explains: ‘One of Mintra’s core values is ‘Delivering with Pride’ and we are always thrilled to receive excellent feedback from our clients. We were excited to be given the opportunity to work on this important safety initiative and proud to see our client’s efforts being recognised and promoted within the industry.’