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Mintra releases RISQ eLearning course list


Mintra has released a special batch of courses for the RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ).

What is the RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ)?

The RightShip inspection assesses the quality of ships, and verifies the familiarity and compliance of crews with the safety, statutory requirements, industry recommendations, best practices and required items within the RISQ. The outcome reflects the condition and standard of operation of vessels at the time of inspection.

For inspection purposes the vessels covered in RightShip inspections are grouped into five categories: 1) Bulk carriers that are carrying solid bulk cargoes other than grain, 2) Bulk carriers that are carrying grain cargoes, 3) General cargo ships that are carrying general and/or container cargoes, 4) Container ships that are carrying container cargoes, 5) Livestock carriers that are carrying live export of sheep, cattle, and goats (TBC)

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Mintra’s comprehensive RISQ course list

Trainingportal’s extensive course library includes a range of courses which can help prepare vessels and crews for the RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ).

This includes questions related to safety, environmental protection, maintenance, industry recommendations and good practices.

See the full list of RISQ criteria and relevant courses below:

Mintra’s comprehensive RISQ course list


2.3 Communication, English course / Maritime English

2.5 MLC, rest hours, etc

2.7 Handling of dangerous and hazardous substances

2.9 Drug and alcohol abuse

2.14 ECIDS type-specific

3.1 Navigational safety

Voyage planning

Anchoring procedures

Risk Assessment

Radio Navigation Aids

Ship Safety Officer

3.13 Global Navigation Satellite System

4.10 ISM System

4.3 Internal auditor

4.5 Enclosed space rescue

Use of PPE

4.9 SOLAS - liferafts and rescue boats

4.20 SOLAS - life jackets

4.32 SOLAS & STCW Basic Safety Training – EEBDs

4.41 Helicopter Operations at Sea

5.1 Oil Record Book

5.2 Pollution Prevention and Control


5.10 Ballast Water Management

5.17 Oily Water separator

5.19 Garbage Management and garbage record book

5.21 SEEMP