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SMART4SEA Training Awards nomination for Mintra

28 / 11 / 2023

Mintra has introduced a new model of immersive digital learning course which includes Kongsberg Digital cloud-based simulations and has been shortlisted for a Smart4Sea Training award. Vote here >

This new offering integrates interactive digital learning with practical simulation skills. Seafarers can now access technically accurate, high-quality, cloud-based immersive learning experiences that allow them to acquire essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills anytime, anywhere.

The collaboration between Mintra's innovation team and Kongsberg Digital's simulation experts has resulted in a major step forward in the realism and effectiveness of maritime training, setting new industry standards for remote training that puts the learner experience and safety above all else. The first training module that has been created focuses on the operations of vessel engine rooms and is designed by specialists with in-depth knowledge of maritime operations. Further courses will expand into cargo and navigation training.

On Mintra's Trainingportal platform, learners complete digital modules and then transition seamlessly to the simulator, where specially crafted exercises put their knowledge into practice, further embedding their understanding and enhancing their skills. The immersive course design ensures seafarers gain the most enriching learning experience, equipping them with skills that are immediately applicable onboard before they embark on their maritime journeys. The requirement to complete both theoretical and practical components to pass the course underlines the comprehensive nature of the training. Importantly, the operational, logistical and environmental impacts of delivering practical/ hands-on training to a global workforce are significantly reduced.

We have combined two industry-leading technologies to offer seafarers the next generation of immersive learning. "

Siren Berge, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Siren Berge 2023

Siren Berge, CTO of Mintra, highlighted this partnership's value: "In collaboration with Kongsberg Digital, we have combined two industry-leading technologies to offer seafarers the next generation of immersive learning. Theoretical digital learning and assessment are now seamlessly integrated with the corresponding practical exercises on Trainingportal."

As an industry-leading training platform, Mintra’s Trainingportal provides an online portfolio of over 2,600 eLearning courses to more than 1.7 million safety-critical workers. Unlike other platforms on the market, Trainingportal offers both Learning Management System (LMS) and Competence Management System (CMS) capabilities where you can gather and review evidence all in one place, ensuring duties are being performed safely and following the correct procedures. This initiative embodies the principles of the Training Award, showcasing an innovative and collaborative approach to training development that enhances the effectiveness, accessibility and quality of maritime education.

Winners across eight categories will be determined through an open public voting system, with the poll closing on January 12th, 2024. Nominees with the highest number of votes in each category will be announced at a dedicated special virtual event on 28th February 2024.

Support our nomination and cast your vote online at