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Kevin Short

"In these post-Covid times and as we slowly return to a world that can be considered more normal, there are tremendous prospects for both digital learning and human capital management software. We know that how things worked before – people constantly traveling to training facilities – will not be the same going forward. Not everything is going to switch to online, but there will be a blended approach to getting the training you want, when and where you want it.

With HCM software, there will be even more impetus to help our customers ensure that they have the right people in the right place at the right time. Mintra is known for being agile, open, and for diversifying and those are the qualities that are needed as we move out of the pandemic and embark on our growth plans.

We are very proud of our Norwegian heritage but we have a real opportunity to become an international player with a bold strategy to grow organically and through acquisitions. What we intend to do is to look at companies that are multipliers rather than additions. We want to bring companies into our portfolio that will first and foremost make a real difference to our customers and their people."

Kevin Short / CEO / Mintra

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Kevin Short

Kevin Short

CEO / Mintra

+44 1224 651340

Ian Mackie

CFO / Mintra

+44 1224 651340

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