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Further Information - Oil & Gas Processing Systems Training


Course Goal: This Oil & Gas Processing Systems Training Course aims to provide learners with an introduction to the principles of the systems associated with oil and gas processing operations.

Learning Objectives

Section 1: An Introduction to Oil Treatment

• Explain the theory behind the process of separation in the Oil and Gas Industry

• Identify the most common types of separator

• Identify the requirements for a test separator and explain how they are used to monitor individual well production

• Give an overview of main oil line pumps and explain how they are deployed

Section 2: An Introduction to Gas Compression and Hydrate Prevention

• Give an overview of the process of gas compression

• Describe the different methods of chemical injection used for hydrate prevention (during gas export)

Section 3: An Introduction to Utility Systems

• Identify the different utility systems in use in the Oil and Gas Industry

• Describe the use of sea water lift pumps and water polishing systems

• Describe the purpose of cooling systems and heat exchangers

• Describe the use of heat medium systems

• Describe the use of potable water systems

• Describe the use of diesel storage systems for the bunkering, storage and distribution of diesel


Exam in the e-learning course

System Requirements

• Internet access - users will need a device with a web browser and internet connection

• System - runs on computers, tablets and mobile devices using Windows 7 and above and MAC OS devices running IOS 11 and above

• Browsers - Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

• Minimum browser size - none

• Audio - requires device speaker or headphones