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Recruitment Software

Recruitment software can help automate processes making them quicker and more effective while reducing the workload of hiring staff.

With careful implementation and use of technology during recruiting efforts, employers can gain insight into workforce trends while ensuring they're meeting their legal requirements in terms of talent acquisition. Recruiting the right talent for your organization is essential for long-term success.

To ensure that you’re making a good decision, it’s important to be strategic and organized in your recruitment process. This can take up a lot of time and resources without the help of technologically advanced tools.

Implementing recruitment software into your hiring practices can offer many advantages such as giving you access to larger candidate pools and streamlining workflow. Find out more about our recruitment software OCS HR.

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Recruitment Software

OCS HR Recruitment Module

Automate your hiring process and manage high-turnover recruitment with ease.

Mintra’s OCS HR recruitment module enables users to automate their hiring process and manage high-turnover recruitment with ease. The functionality allows businesses to deploy, oversee and accelerate bulk hires.

The module incorporates a self-service capability, which allows candidates to create, view and manage their applications. All applicants can upload their personal data, CVs and any qualifications or certificates into OCS HR, to be matched against active roles in real-time.

By taking advantage of the open application function, businesses can retain applicant information to secure a pipeline of talent for any future vacancies.

The recruitment functionality accelerates the onboarding process as the candidate’s personal details, career history and qualifications will already be pre-populated in the OCS HR system. Find out more about OCS HR.

OCS HR Recruitment Module


  • Bulk create and advertise job vacancies
  • Manage high volume of applications
  • Oversee the full recruitment process
  • Quick search through multiple application pools
  • Create custom job advertisements
  • Match candidates with existing or future positions

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Experience the benefits

Save time

Reduce time spent on sourcing, screening and filtering applications

Reduce cost

Save on cost per hire without compromising on the quality of talent

Recruit smarter

Utilise the comprehensive talent pool and pipeline to speed up recruitment

Accelerate onboarding

Streamline new employee onboarding and expedite deployment

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