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Compensation & Benefits Software

Compensation and benefits are crucial components of human resources management.

Employee compensation involves wages, salaries, and bonuses paid to workers. It is a critical factor in enhancing job satisfaction and performance. By offering competitive pay, organizations can attract and retain qualified professionals who are committed to their work.

Benefits, on the other hand, refer to a range of non-wage compensations that employees receive from their employer. These often include health insurance, retirement savings plans, paid vacation time, and sick leave. Benefits serve to enhance employee wellness, satisfaction, and productivity. Find out more about our Compensation & Benefits software OCS HR.

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OCS HR Compensation & Benefits Module

Bring together employee compensation and benefits under one human resource management solution.

Mintra’s OCS HR compensation and benefits module supports businesses of all sizes to plan and distribute compensation and benefits within the organisation. The solution’s intuitive reporting functionality gives the enterprise and the employee a comprehensive overview of individual packages and tax liabilities.

The new module is crucial in ensuring that all company benefits are streamlined and follow internal policies. The solution is closely integrated with the payroll system, reducing the administrative burden, minimising errors and simplifying
tax handling.

The compensation and benefits module is available as a standalone and can be purchased in OCS HR. For implementation, the solution requires OCS HR and OCS
Self-Service. Find out more about OCS HR.

OCS HR Compensation & Benefits Module


  • Put in place a policy and workflow on compensation and benefits
  • Oversee individual as well as company-wide benefits packages
  • Allow the employees to update their competence profile and training documentation
  • Manage the taxes of the benefits and payroll in a single solution
  • Reduce the volume of workforce payroll enquiries
  • Increase consistency, prevent errors and duplication of administration of packages

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Experience the benefits

Reduce Workload

Prevent duplication of work and simplify tax management

Empower Workforce

Enable employees to solve individual payroll enquiries

Motivate Employees

Reduce administrative burden

Simplify Processes

Easy search functionality to identify required competencies

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