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Modern Navigation Requires Modern Training

How do you measure if a training course is improved? We measured the competence acquired from an existing course, we redesigned it with modern training methodologies and measured the competence gained from the new course. As a result, we observed a statistically significant increase in the competence gained.

Marvin Bielek, Mintra's Project Manager and Instructional Designer

During the most recent SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum, Mintra’s Project Manager and Instructional Designer Marvin Bielek addressed the audience to discuss the rapid speed at which modern technologies are changing the maritime industry.

In his presentation, he focused on how the industry needs to support the upskilling and reskilling of global crews to help them prepare for the requirements of tomorrow.

Marvin is one of Mintra’s experts in navigation and ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System). Whether creating eLearning courses, writing equipment manuals or delivering classroom training sessions, he is passionate about maritime technologies and helping seafarers become proficient in them.

He underlined that the shift in maritime can only be achieved by ensuring that any learning which is undertaken delivers to the point. For this to happen, the industry needs to utilise the most effective learning methodologies and technologies to ensure that the training has the greatest possible impact.

The changes already making a change to the maritime industry include the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) onboard and automated shipping. An overwhelming majority of shipping operators are confident that Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) will be introduced to their fleet by 2040.

Mintra’s Marvin Bielek went on to highlight the crucial role authentic and interactive learning plays in improving skills as well as competence. His recommendations for the training of the next generation of seafarers include:

  • Consistency in training throughout the year
  • Bite sized and micro learning which can be completed during any down time
  • Experienced SMEs with years spent in the industry
  • High quality instructional design to increase information retention

Marvin Bielek concluded his presentation by saying that when correct training is in place, maritime operators and crewing managers will not only ensure compliance but even more importantly, improve performance.


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